Yoga Nidra for Menopause

I am very excited to share my four, brand new Nidras I’ve recorded especially for menopause; one for each phase and then one for Second Spring, which are now available for you to buy in my shop. Hooray!

The magic pill for menopause is to slow down and rest, and then when you think you’ve done that, rest some more. One of the biggest gifts I’ve received has been Yoga Nidra which I’ve used pretty much daily for the last four years.

Here are the Yoga Nidras I’ve created for menopause:

Separation – bringing release and softness in perimenopause

Surrender – bringing kindness and reassurance to both body and spirit

Emergence – awakened by kisses as we expand

Second Spring – warmed by spring sunshine we find protection and nourishment

Yoga Nidra is a meditation that slides safely under your defences and takes you to a totally different place, even when meditation is outside your grasp. My teacher Uma Dinsmore-Tuli says that its name translates as ‘sleep yoga’, but paradoxically it brings us fully awake to ourselves. It’s a relaxation practice because the body is comfy and still, and all we have to do is listen to the voice. Uma paraphrases Yates to describe the experience of Yoga Nidra:

“The soul comes into possession of its own timelessness”

And it does indeed induce a timeless state, which can dissolve 20 minutes into 200 years.

Which makes the physical benefits of getting more rest, reduce cortisol, help with insomnia, release tension, reduce agitation and become fundamentally more present seem a bit pedestrian.

Here’s Uma talking about why rest is revolutionary.

I hope you come to like Yoga Nidra as much as I do. You’ll find the Yoga Nidras for Menopause here.


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