Yoga Nidra for Separation

Separation is the first phase of the menopause process, in perimenopause, when things start to get really messy. Your best medicine at this time is to rest, release and find softness and this Yoga Nidra meditation is designed to give you this in spades.

You can also find Yoga Nidras for the other phases of menopause; Surrender, Emergence and for Second Spring or purchase all four at once with a special bog-off discount.

Not sure you want to invest yet? You can access a free Yoga Nidra here . It’s called “I am Held’ and it’s a soulful nidra for when you feel a little, or a lot at sea.

The Yoga Nidra meditations are around 20-minutes long, the mp3’s will be available immediately for you from the purchase confirmation page.

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