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Joy and creativity in menopause

Fancy a radically different viewpoint? Check out this chat I had with my friend, mentor and Arvigo teacher Hilary Lewin on joy and creativity in menopause. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVk2ub1CIvc&t=1s Hilary has a vibrant YouTube series Hilary Talks where she talks all things womby, women's health and growthful with some awesome guests.

Self-help for Perimenopause

Self-help for you to manage your symptoms in perimenopause or 'Separation' the first psychological phase of menopause. If you want to know more about the phases and how to manage them you can find out here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDbEC_9tk9w

Menopause is a psychological process

You'll have heard about hot flushes, but menopause is also a psychological process. Discover the three psychological phases Separation (aka perimenopause), Surrender and Emergence and the joy of Second Spring of post-menopause. You can find more detail about the different phases and how to ease yourself through them gently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UhWoWYoLoQ&t=22s

7 Way to Make Your Menopause Work for You

Fear around the changes of the menopause can make physical and emotional manifestations harder to deal with, creating stress and isolation in what can be a time for growth. I was delighted that WellDoing published this article to show how to work with menopause instead of against it. You can read the full article here (Top marks to the editors for finding that rare thing, an image of a mid-life woman you might actually want to be friends with, they are very hard to find!)

How to prepare for perimenopause

Very pleased to have an article in JUNO Magazine this month on how to prepare for perimenopause. There are loads you can do in your 30's to prepare for perimenopause and you'll feel better now too! Mostly it's the toxicity that makes perimenopause painful; the physical toxicity of our environment, the misogynistic toxicity of our culture and our own toxic beliefs. In the article, I share simple ways you can make small changes that have a big impact. You can download a pdf of the article here.

Too Sensitive to Sleep

My sleepless adventures as a highly sensitive, menopausal woman Understanding menopausal insomnia If you are preparing for or experiencing perimenopause, check out our online retreat 'Am I Going Mad' All through my sleep deprived years I have snatched greedily at any article about how to cure menopausal insomnia, jumping on the latest fix with my claws out, desperate for it to end the misery that sleep deprivation brings. Over the years I have bought and tried the following: Avena sativaMelatoninLavender essential oil5HTPNitolNight time tea of various brandsA ‘Calm the fuck down' tea blended by a herbalistTinctures of valerianMagnesium ...

Medicine Circles

What is a Medicine Circle? Medicine Circles support sensitive women through our transitions into beautiful, better version of ourselves. This may be with menopausal, menstruating or perimenopausal women who want to deepen their understanding of their cycles and use this understanding to heal and deepen their joy in being a woman. This is what my clients have experienced. “Experiencing the menstrual medicine circle with Kate has been life changing & profoundly healing. It has allowed me to connect to my Womb’s wisdom, deepening understanding of my truth and connection to the feminine with potent, ethereal & visceral insights that often ...

What Are Menstrual Medicine Circles And How Do They Help With Menopause?

Menstrual Medicine Circles for Menopause Menstrual Medicine Circles are a relatively new process so this will explain What they are Who they're for What the benefits are And why they're so damn empowering! Tessa Sanderson a fellow Menstrual Medicine Circle facilitator asks me all about it. You can learn more about Menstrual Medicine Circles or read how the circles have made a difference to these women's lives.

You know you’re peri-menopausal when…

My 40's were the most amazing decade; I had  a second child, I found my calling in my work and I really started to step into my power. Little did I know that these are the rewards of perimenopause (except the baby, that was just good fortune). Aging is not popular in our society and most especially aging women and because nobody talks about this stuff, most women aren't even aware that they're in perimenopause. Here are 20 ways that you know perimenopause is working its magic.

Four things you need if you’re a woman over 40

If I say menopause you think….what? Hot flushes, raddled raging, grey-ness, dryness, invisibility perhaps? A whiff of the ridiculous, of unmentionable 'women's troubles'? The mainstream view of a woman over 40 is not a pretty one, but last month I was offered an alternative view; of menopause being a process of women shedding their skins and emerging from ill-fitting obligations with clarity, to serve their calling in the world as senior authorities. Alexandra Pope, the doyenne of menstrual awareness, takes the same feminist clarity she uses with the menstrual cycle to apply it to menopause. If you are preparing for or experiencing perimenopa...