Four Yoga Nidras for Menopause

Buy all four Yoga Nidras designed for the phases of menopause and Second Spring:

Separation – bringing release and softness in perimenopause

Surrender – bringing kindness and reassurance to both body and spirit

Emergence – awakened by kisses as we expand

Second Spring – warmed by spring sunshine we find protection and nourishment


It’s a bit of a bog off situation here, as the Nidras are £3.73 each or £9.77 for all four, but you can also buy them separately if you would like to.

Not sure you want to invest yet? You can access a free Yoga Nidra here . It’s called “I am Held’, a soulful nidra for when you feel a little, or a lot at sea.

The Yoga Nidra meditations are 20-minute audio download mp3’s available immediately for you from the purchase confirmation page.

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