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Ending Biodynamic Therapy

I have had my final session with my therapist. I am deeply grateful for the experience and also very sad, I am mourning the loss of this wonderful supporter as time goes by. It’s been 7 years since I first asked if she would see me on a massage-only basis. I chose her because she was ‘clean’ by which I mean that in the small world of Biodynamic therapy, she had not taught me or supervised me and somehow we had never met. Remarkable in such a small community. In the beginning I started during an intensely busy time; I had full responsibility for the children and the house, two small businesses, I ran a networking group and volunteered for ...

What’s your current menopause challenge?

Taking a look at some of the common challenges that Medicine Circles address. One of the key aspects of receiving a Medicine Circle is creating an intention at the beginning of the process. Making your intention as clear as possible helps to focus the material and makes it easier to integrate it into our daily self-care. It takes a little while sometimes to really get to the nub of what needs answering, but there’s no rule. Sometimes they can be intensely practical – “How do I manage these night sweats?” Through the full spectrum of feeling stuck, physical pain, glum… all the way to spiritual guidance. Here are some of the most ...

Medicine Circles for pregnancy and birth

I talk to menstrual educator Tessa Sanderson about how Medicine Circles can be used beautifully with those who are currently not cycling, including pregnant women. We explore: What is a medicine circle? How this works with pregnant womenDo you need to have done cycle awareness before pregnancy? Tessa has written widely about the relationship between cycle awareness and birth and you can read more articles here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVZ8mI7qBbw If you'd like to read more about Medicine Circles for menopause, or medicine circles in general, there's loads more good stuff on my site.

Pants to February

February is pants is it not? So why not do it differently and make this February a joyous cavalcade of empowering pants! After a long gestation the Pants of Empowerment are now live! To celebrate I’m offering the chance for you to bring some true-self-love into your life by winning your own pair of empowering pants worth £327. Enter the giveaway here The Pants of Empowerment are one-third healing, one third wearable artwork and one-third body positive activism. They celebrate the cyclical creativity and complexity of being a woman; here’s how it works: The healing You have a guided exploration into your pelvic ...

My Turquoise Waters by Shakti

This is part of the Pants of Empowerment project, where women share the voice of their feminine nature and in return, receive a fantastic pair of pants to empower them. All names have been changed. Who wants to speak? I think it’s my right fallopian tube.  I think there a sense of a whole open space; the womb, the vagina as well, but it’s more the right fallopian tube Ask her what she needs to say today She says, “You are love, and there’s a whole world of riches and resources here for you”. There are sparks like stars, I can tap into this and let these sparks rise, it’s like the stars in the sky. Let yourself sink into ...

Free Menopause Help

It's a tricky business finding help when you're feeling vulnerable, especially in menopause so if you're wondering about having a Medicine Circle, you can book a chat with me at no charge and get yourself some free menopause help. There's space to share what's happening, to be witnessed and heard and I can feedback and offer suggestions if you'd like that. Half an hour for you to explore what you need in your life right now. Schedule Appointment

A Visual Guide To The Inner Seasons

This is a visual guide to the inner seasons of menstruality, you'll find the more you develop menstrual cycle awareness, the greater the gifts you'll receive. If you want a window into your own, unique inner seasons, charting your cycle or if you don't have one charting by the moon will get you started. A Menstrual Medicine Circle will deepen your understanding of what getting in the way of your well-being and what your next steps are.      

Infinitely Deep – Meditation Pants

I made these meditation pants for our meditation class so that when we lose our shit, fall into a hole, forget who we are or otherwise encounter pesky obstacles, we can remind ourselves of who we are. They are part of the Pants of Empowerment project, which celebrates the richness and diversity of feminine experience. They were inspired by this koan.   Eshun's Deep Thing Japan - 14th Century  Eshun was a nun at the monastery of Saijoji. The abbot of Saijoji wanted to send a message to the abbot of the great temple of Engakuji, which was known for its rough treatment of outsiders. None of the monks from Saijoji dared to go, only ...

Why Does Menopause Hurt So Bad?

Why does menopause hurt so bad? I mean really? All it is is the natural shift in hormones as our menstruating life comes to an end and our 'second spring' emerges. It's a shift from taking care of 'them out there' to taking care of ourselves; shouldn't that be easier and more joyful? One late summer morning I got up with a bee in my bonnet on this issue and did a Facebook live to think it through. Click on the image below to watch the vid. What I didn't go into, but will maybe get a bee in my bonnet about another day, is a lot of the pain is down to our culture not valuing age in general and older women in particular. Grrrr. Sadly the offer of ...

I don’t have a cycle, can a Menstrual Medicine Circle help?

You don't necessarily have to have a womb or a menstrual cycle to benefit from a Menstrual Medicine Circle.