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Online Offerings for Self-Isolation

A list of free and paid for online offerings to connect and grow while we sit the virus out at home, click on the blue text to find more details. If you have something you'd like me to add, just leave a comment. The listings are in no particular order and I take no responsibility for accuracy, I'm sharing the love not policing it. A massive thank you to the people who are sharing their skills and presence for free and please also support the paid-for options, many of which are at a reduced price or by donation. For therapists and teachers who have their work shut down due to the virus, these are challenging times. If you’re feeling anxious ...

Self-help for Challenging Times

These are difficult times for all of us as we face every aspect of our lives with uncertainty. Bloody difficult. Naturally, we're all feeling the stressed out and powerless (hence the loo roll madness) and this will impact on our immune system at exactly the time we need to be in robust health. We need to find healthy ways to soothe ourselves especially when our hormones are shifting in menopause, a naturally more vulnerable time. As a highly sensitive person, I am familiar with over-stimulation and carrying generalised anxiety in my body and I am VERY good at self-soothing, it's become habitual for me. So while things are tough, I'd like to ...

Self-help for Perimenopause

Self-help for you to manage your symptoms in perimenopause or 'Separation' the first psychological phase of menopause. If you want to know more about the phases and how to manage them you can find out here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDbEC_9tk9w

Separation the first phase of menopause

Separation is the psychological phase also known as perimenopause, a much ignored and very challenging time. Find out why you are not going mad but in fact becoming sane, despite the rage, the grief and the flushes; you're going to be OK. You can read about the three phases in more detail here or find more self-help for Separation here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-SvV2-_ZSY&t=1s

Menopause is a psychological process

You'll have heard about hot flushes, but menopause is also a psychological process. Discover the three psychological phases Separation (aka perimenopause), Surrender and Emergence and the joy of Second Spring of post-menopause. You can find more detail about the different phases and how to ease yourself through them gently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UhWoWYoLoQ&t=22s

Menopause – free therapy you never knew about

The time after Emergence is known as Second Spring and heralds the birth of the new person. With clear boundaries, discernment, a sense of her own needs and pleasures, this person resembles the teenager she once was, but with 40 years of life experience behind her. She is awesome in her capacity to be vulnerable and to hold her authority. She is compassionate and able to offer herself in service to the world, without sacrificing herself in the process. This is where menopause takes you if you choose to engage with it. If this has you saying Yes please! Check out my article on Rebelle Society about how to use menopause as free therapy...

What menopause has taught us

Menopause is like crawling into a deep, dark underground cave; it takes courage and presence to navigate but there is gold to be found and brought back to the surface. I had a wonderful chat with Tania Elfersey where we shared our top three things that menopause has taught us; we cover rest, sleep, night sweats, the emotional ups and downs, why we might experience so many different menopause manifestations and how to manage them. We even venture into the spiritual aspects that we've been gifted and end up all misty-eyed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbVtCDEIA64 If this has got you curious about how to navigate menopause ...

What I read in 2019

Back in the last century, I used to wander the pavements reading as I went, falling into potholes and risking my life crossing London streets. Then I moved out of town, had kids and for some time read very little. This year as I'm researching for my book on menopause, I have made up for the years of mothering by gobbling up books like the starving bookworm I am. Don't be put off if menopause isn't your thing, there's also memoir, magical tales, classics, spirituality, menstruality, marriage, relationships, literature, reassuring charmers, rock and roll, family, grief and re-birth... something for everyone. Inspired by Rachael Crow, in no ...

7 Way to Make Your Menopause Work for You

Fear around the changes of the menopause can make physical and emotional manifestations harder to deal with, creating stress and isolation in what can be a time for growth. I was delighted that WellDoing published this article to show how to work with menopause instead of against it. You can read the full article here (Top marks to the editors for finding that rare thing, an image of a mid-life woman you might actually want to be friends with, they are very hard to find!)

Juicy ‘n’ Free

Not hiding her light under a bushel Juicy 'n' Free in her pants This is part of the Pants of Empowerment project, where women share the voice of their feminine nature and in return, receive a fantastic pair of pants to empower them. All names have been changed. These pants are born out of an unusual situation because the audio from the meditation was distorted and it wasn't possible to make a transcript as with the other pants, so instead, here's a feeling for the themes that emerged and why I made the pants like this. Juicy 'n' Free had recently emerged from a difficult marriage and through various business ...