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Self-help for Perimenopause

Self-help for you to manage your symptoms in perimenopause or 'Separation' the first psychological phase of menopause. If you want to know more about the phases and how to manage them you can find out here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDbEC_9tk9w

Bugger self help

  I started on personal growth pretty young. When I was 13 my big sister was into the (frankly terrifying) Exegisis, a UK version of Est and though I was thankfully too young to participate (thank the Goddess). I was very influenced by listening to her new world view – so refreshing and different to my highly buttoned up middle-class mum and dad.   This went on through Chuck Spezzano workshops, way-out-there healing, voice dialogue, bodywork, Reiki, rolfing, meditation, massage not to mention £100’s of pounds on self-help books. Then the biggest investment of them all, not one but two body psychotherapy trainings with weekly ...

3 ways to ease shoulder pain

I must have massaged thousands of tight shoulders over the years, a classic sign of tension, the muscles get tight and can cause headaches and other kinds of misery too. In between your massage appointments, a little self-care will really help to ease shoulder pain. This video shows you simple things that you can do at home to create more ease and softness.   If you are interested in more easy exercises to bring more joy in your life, I have that covered too!

What is self-care?

In this video I discuss ‘What is self-care?’ with Leora Leboff, my partner at Love Your Belly. We share why it matters so much for fertility, menstrual and menopause health and what we actually do in our own lives!   To watch the video click here or click on the image above. You can find more articles on other menstrual health topics too.

The secret to surviving menopause

I often ask myself, "Am I going mad?" As the brain fog rolls in and my energy drastically dips. But then I remember the secret to surviving menopause and feel that yes, "I am going mad, but in a good way!" But it's not madness that's dogging me, it's the process of transition that's causing the chaos. Menopause is a time of transformation, we are preparing to give birth to ourselves and as any mother knows, giving birth can be an intense process! There are so many beliefs about myself, identities and ways of being that must be let go of if I am to travel safely to the other side. It's like being pregnant and giving birth to yourself, except it ...

Learn how to massage your belly

This video will show how to massage your belly to enhance your hormonal and digestive health. Before you get started, bookmark or save the URL for this page so you can find it again. The best time to do your massage is in the evenings just before you go to sleep, take a few minutes to get yourself comfy and prop your knees up with pillows so your belly can be soft. The routine takes 5 minutes or so and will leave you relaxed and ready for a beautiful night's sleep. The gentle massage is safe except for a few exceptions, do not massage your belly - a few days before, during or immediately after your period. If you have an IUD or ...

EFT for Abdominal Self-Care

Here's a great article by EFT expert Tamara Donn, she attended our Love your Belly - meeting the inner feminine workshop on Tuesday 10th September.  You can read her experience and tips here, she said of the workshop;   "Interesting and insightful abdominal massage workshop - intrigued to know more"