Kate’s CPD, supervision and on-going training

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Regular Support

To hold space for you, it is crucial that I am healthy, self-aware and have good support in my life. If I do not feel professionally supported and contained, I simply can’t do my best for my clients. There are all sorts of things that I do regularly that perform this, some are to do with deepening my understanding of my own body and mind such as;

  • Well Woman yoga with Claire Murphy
  • Iyengar yoga with Lisa Morris
  • Personal yoga and meditation practice
  • Regular biodynamic massage
  • Regular acupuncture
  • Ongoing cranio-sacral treatment

My challenges and meetings with my own body and mind are probably my greatest teacher!


The other way I am supported is by reflecting on my work and getting the benefit of the experience of my peers and teachers. I am very lucky to have regular supervision with

  • A formal group of trusted colleagues – Liza Waller, Caroline Duggen and Sarah Macgregor over the last 15 years.
  • 1-2-1 supervision with Alexandra Pope
  • Peer supervision with Mindfulness teacher and Psychotherapist Barbara Hussong

Needless to say, all these groups are confidential and I do not give any information that might reveal the identity of my clients; you can check my privacy policy here.

CPD and On-going Training

To deepen my understanding of women and their relationships with their bodies, I also squeeze in more CPD,  trainings and workshops whenever I can. My formal qualifications are over here, but here’s what I’ve been up to more recently.

April 2020 – April 2021 – Fairy Tale Medicine, a year’s journey through Women Who Run With The Wolves lead by Clare Jasmine Beloved and Sarah Starrs

May 2020 – Pranayama with Maxine Levi at Yoga Teachers Forum

May 2020 – The Role of the Extraordinary Vessels in Transformation, 4-day retreat with Suzanne Yates of Well Mother.

May 2020 – Vagus nerve workshop with Catherine Annis

April 2020 – Moving Whiteness with Liz Koch and Natasha Stovall

March 2020 – Pelvic balance workshop with Catherine Annis

November – December 2019 – assisting on Menopause: the Great Awakener online course with Red School

November 2019 – Erotic Yoga for Sexual Vitality with Sarah Rose Bright at Finchley Yoga

January 2019 – Yoga Nidra Intensive with Ben Wolff at Finchley Yoga

November 2018 – Mining for Diamonds, menopause workshop with Hilary Lewin.

July 2018 – Transforming your work with the Extraordinary Vessels, online course from Well Mother.

May 2018 – Sleep Well With Total Yoga Nidra online course

May 2018 – The Extraordinary Vessels for Menopause and Menstrual Cycle – a five-day residential Shiatsu training with Suzanne Yates of Wellmother.

November 2017 – Menstrual Medicine Circle professional training with Red School

October 2017 – Unique Dimensions of Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy. A conference covering Biodynamic typography, the psycho-spiritual phases and aura work.

July 2017 Anatomy and physiology for pregnancy and postnatal – in-depth understanding of the changes in the abdomen with Hilary Lewin

June 2017 – Autumn Woman Harvest Queen – one day workshop with Jane Hardwick-Collings from the School of Shamanic Womancraft

May 2017 – Fertility Massage CPD, one day workshop to catch up with the changes in practice in Fertility Massage

April 2017 – Fab Food for Menopause, one day workshop at ION

May and September 2016 – year long Red School Apprenticeship leadership programme, specialising in menstruality and menopause with Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugi-Wurlizer.

July 2016 – ‘Supporting creativity and sexuality as we move through the change’. One day CPD Womb yoga workshop with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

June 2016 – ‘Ease and Flow’ a one day workshop on establishing authentic values with Sandra Swan.

May 2016 – One day workshop Treating Posture, Movements and Muscles in Relation to Respiratory Function with Dr Berit Heir Bunkan at LSBP

May 2016 – Year long Women’s Quest apprenticeship with Alexandra Pope and Sjani Hugo Wurlitzer. A leadership program in embodied menstruality covering menarchy, menstruation, spirituality, menopause and cycles of creativity.

November 2015 – One and a half days of ‘rooted and enraptured, grounded and nourished’ Celtic yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Jack Harrison.

October 2015 – 12 hour psoas workshop with Liz Koch exploring how to create more juiciness in the core of the body.

September 2015 – Conscious Baby, Conscious Child. Study day with Jane Jennings on energy work for conception, pregnancy and postnatal.

August 2015 – Total Yoga Nidra online foundation course Nirlipta Tuli and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

April 2015 – Two day workshop with Anna Verwaal ‘Conception, Pregnancy and Birth, the Journey that Shapes our Life’.

April 2015 – 7 day Dynamic Yoga retreat with Birgitte Gorm Hansen

March 2015 – Red Tent Retreat with Tamara Donn and Verity Peacock on listening.

February 2015 – Womb Wisdom 3 day retreat with Alexandra Pope and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

January 2015 – Meditation – Practice made simple with Claire Murphy.

December 2014 – Well Mother pregnancy massage practise class with supervision and feedback from Nicola Endicott. Focus on postnatal recovery, lymph support for mastitis, conception vessel and pelvic floor health.

December 2014 – One day Red tent retreat with Tamara Donn and Verity Peacock. The theme was Winter.

November 2014 – Womb Yoga training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

November 2014 – Menopause; Unveiling the Hidden Power with Alexander Pope

November 2014 – One day Red tent Rereat with Tamara Donn and Verity Peacock

July 2014 – Rebozo technique workshop with Clare Blake

May 2014 – Five day residential workshop with Suzanne Yates of Well Mother covering the extraordinary vessels in shiatsu for conception, pregnancy, birth, postnatal and babies.

May 2014 – Advanced Fertility Massage certificate with Clare Blake

March 2014 – Yin yoga workshop with Maxine Yoga.

February 2014 – Well Mother pregnancy massage practise class with supervision and feedback from Nicola Endicott. Focus on the conception vessel and exercises for the meridians.

February 2014 – Abdominal massage – fascia work. A day to learn dry stretching with Helen Rohlicek.

November 2013 – Well Mother Practise class with supervision and feedback from Nicola Endicott.

September 2013 – Being and Stillness – mindful movement workshop with Claire Murphy.

September 2013 – Shelley Shishton – flower essences for pregnancy and birth. A dayto focus on the remedies that support mothers and children.

October 2013 – CAM EXPO – Biodynamic cranio-sacral workshop – ‘Go with the flow’

October 2013 – ABMT – Presentation of research into peristalsis from Theo Raymond.

October 2013 – Well Mother practise class with Nicola Endicott.

July-August 2013 – A Mindful Life – 5 weeks of mindfulness meditation and movement training and practise with Claire Murphy.

May 2013 – Well mother practise class with teaching and feedback from Nicola Endicott.

May 2013 – Eft for Mothers with Tamara Donn. Hellinger’s ‘ family constellations’ and EFT workshop, which unpicked the patterns of history and belief which can stand in the way of authentic mothering.

May 2013 – Penny Simkin on ‘understanding and healing the effects of trauma and sexual abuse on childbearing women’ presented by Nurturing Birth.

March 2013 – Massage day workshop with feedback and supervision from Mindfulness teacher Barbara Hussong.

October 2012 – ABMT  meeting ‘Touch in care’, on using biodynamic massage in a care setting, presented by Luke Tanner.

September 2012 – Being and Stillness – mindful movement workshop with Claire Murphy.

May 2012 – Belly dance therapy workshop with Ruth Cowan.

May 2012 – The Labyrinth with Tamara Donn. A day of using the Labyrinth to explore the adventure of pregnancy and birth.

May 2012 – The oxytocin factor – Kerstin Uvnas-Moverg, expert on oxytocin. Presented by Nurturing Birth.

April 2012 – Pranayama workshop with Maria, Watford.

September 2011 – Metamorphic technique workshop with Catherine Tugnait, transforming our prenatal and birth patterns. An exclusive PAPA birth network workshop.

June 2011 –  EFT for Mothers, workshop with Tamara Donn.

June 2011 – Michel Odent study day with Nurturing Birth. Childbirth – towards a paradigm shift.

March 2011 – Kathryn Stauffer’s ABMT seminar on her book physiology for psychotherapists.

March 2011 – Well mother study day, ‘pelvic girdle pain’ with presentations from osteopaths, physiotherapists and Suzanne Yates.

February 2011 – Papa seminar ‘The resilient therapist’ with Jen Tiller.

October 2010 – Four week art cafe menstruation workshop with Tamara Donn.

March 2010 – Well mother high risk pregnancy workshop. Exploring best massage practise for pregnant women with high risk conditions. Well mother, with Suzanne Yates.

July 2010 – Metamorphic technique workshop, transforming our prenatal and birth patterns. An exclusive PAPA birth network workshop with Catherine Tugnait.

May 2010 – Birth art cafe workshop, exploring motherhood with Tamara Donn. An exclusive for PAPA birth network.

June 2008 – Well mother 4 day residential on postnatal massage care, shiatsu, qigong, with Suzanne Yates.


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