Tired, Irritable or Bloated? Find out how stress affects PMT

Stress and PMTBefore your period are you ever raging, bloated or fatigued? Are you familiar with monthly food cravings, poor self esteem or depression? What do these things tell you? It’s rare to find a woman who isn’t, at one time or another, plagued by symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Sometimes I feel that the only kind of norm is change, because our natural state is to be in flux. Stress affects PMT in many ways.

Yin yang

Our natural state is to move through cycles of yin and yang in sync with our menstrual cycles. But for many of us it often more a case of managing followed by not managing, rather than expansion followed by contraction.


Long term stress has a profound affect on the endocrine system. Where once we would have been flooded by adrenalin and cortisol to help us run away from a bear, our bodies now are charged with these same hormones over work deadlines or our children’s school choices. Without enough time of recovery to rest, recover and digest the perceived emergency, our bodies are unable to re-gain our hormonal balance. If we get stuck in this place where we feel there is an ’emergency’ our bodies become depleted; there is a real cost. A fatigued adrenal gland will directly affect the balance of oestrogen and progesterone in your body. Over long periods of time this can contribute to all kinds of hormonal conditions like PMS, menopausal problems, endometriosis and PCOS.


These kinds of disruptions are our body’s way of telling us that something is amiss; but before we opt into taking the pill or HRT, it could pay to take a cool look at our stress levels and how we could manage them better. Amazing things happen when we listen to our bodies.

Here are some things you might hear:

  • I want to be by myself
  • I want time to recuperate
  • I just want to go to sleep!
  • I want to move regularly in ways that make me feel good
  • I want a massage!
  • I want some time out
  • I want to say NO!
  • I want to feel loved and accepted by you!
  • I want to be enough
  • I want to enjoy food that nourishes me

The act of paying attention, in itself, is wonderfully healing. Beyond that even making one small, manageable change in our lives can create more balance and may reduce or even resolve symptoms. The good news is that a reduction in stress affects PMT, by making it much easier!

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