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My code for privacy is really just what my mum taught me; ‘do as you would be done by’ in other words, I treat your information as I would like mine to be treated;  I do everything I can to keep your contact details and notes from your sessions private. 



I take notes on the content of your sessions so I can hold you safely in your process, these are held in strict confidence. These notes are kept in a locked filing cabinet and are encrypted on my computer so they’re double password protected.


To satisfy my insurance requirements, I keep your intake form and notes for 7 years after your last appointment.


If I am incapacitated for some reason, I have made arrangements for a trusted colleague to gain access to your contact details to make contact with you and let you know. If I die suddenly, she has taken responsibility for destroying notes and contact details safely.


Your details could only otherwise be shared without your permission where there is a safeguarding concern.


I have 1-2-1 and peer supervision to support my professional development and to hold you as best I can, no information will be shared which would disclose your identity.


MailChimp and Acuity

If you have made signed up for my newsletter, your name and email will also be stored by MailChimp.  If you paid through my booking system your details are stored by Acuity. To the best of my knowledge, I believe that these companies comply with GDPR and are safe.

Any details kept on my phone are protected by my password.

Your financial data is not collected.

The payment services I use: BACS, Stripe and Paypal are, to the best of my knowledge, safe ways to pay.



There are cookies on this site, sadly not the edible kind. If you don’t want to be tracked in this way, you can block cookies on your browser.


Visitor Tracking

I use Google Analytics to understand how my site is used and what’s been working for you, or not. Google tracks your IP address, but I do not have access to this. Google is GDPR compliant.


In the past I’ve used Facebook Pixels to send you Facebook adverts, to be honest the whole process was so soulless and time-consuming, I am very unlikely to do that again.

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