Woman Kind Retreats

Am I going mad? – online perimenopause retreat

1st-14th July 2019

Am I going mad is a two week, online retreat for sensitive women in their 40’s and 50’s, to explore the landscape of perimenopause.

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Menstrual Medicine Circle Gathering

7.30pm Monday 23rd September

Watford Quaker Meeting House

An evening to dive into your inner wisdom with a Menstrual Medicine Circle, a guided journey around your menstrual seasons. Explore ways to move through blocks, develop more kindness and self-care for menstrual issues.

Menopause Medicine Circle Gathering

7.30pm Monday 14th October

Watford Quaker Meeting House

The Life Seasons Circle– an embodied, guided journey through perimenopause, the menopause process and into the second spring of post-menopause, so you can feel from the inside the transformational possibilities, develop self-care and more kindness to yourself.

Love Your Menopause Retreat

Sunday 3rd November

Harlow Study Centre

At a Love Your Menopause retreat day we have self-care on offer in spades, not only on the day itself but we also give you the space and resources to figure out how to build more of this into your everyday life as an ongoing practice.

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What are Woman Kind Retreats Like?


Here’s what people have said about the workshop;

“I was blown away…through a series of interventions we each built up a relationship with our wombs and that in itself was incredibly moving. The care with which they prepared for the day was awesome – every little detail from the yummy snacks to the pack of goodies we got to take home.”

Kate Griffiths

thank you from the bottom of my womb

“When I was younger, right up until a ‘Love your Belly’ workshop, I had always been aware of the arrival of my periods. They had been cripplingly painful, given me headaches & had lasted 5 to 7 days.

So from the workshop I now treat myself with kindness & respect. I honour myself each month by taking time to be calm, listen to my body & be gentle with my schedule so I can live & enjoy what my body is going through rather than masking & ignoring what my body is experiencing. So I’ve gone from not even knowing what a Mooncup is to using one. I now perform, womb yoga regularly, self, tummy or womb massage & I listen to my body.

My periods are cleaner, less painful, last 3-4 days from start to finish & for the last 4 months I can’t even map when they are due because the usual tummy & back-ache doesn’t resonate like it did before. Thank you from the bottom of my womb xxxx”


“I had absolutely no expectations what this workshop would bring.. and so was absolutely blown away by the simplicity of the breathwork, the power of the abdominal exercises and the expansion I experienced from the group womb healing mediation.  Utterly amazing stuff. Can’t wait till the next one! ”

Rachael Posener,  Halcyon Health

“A simple and deeply connecting way of nurturing our well being and honouring ourselves as women”

Dawn Rosser, Naturally Self Psychotherapy.

— Tamara Donn (@TamaraDonn) February 3, 2015

— Herts Holistic (@HertsHolistic) February 4, 2015

“Everything was wonderful”

“Loved it! I feel not only has my womb been blessed, but I am too!”

“I feel very relaxed, grounded and looking forward to exploring more”

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