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Six Ways to Help Period Pain

Menstrual pain is no joke, 40 – 70% of women of reproductive age experience some kind of pain, with 10% of women describing severe symptoms. That’s a lot of regular women with hot water bottles. In fact, there is no need for us to experience pain, it is not healthy or necessary. 1. Menstrual cycle awareness You know about pre-menstrual grumps I bet. OK maybe not grumps but it used to be full-on raging in my case. “Will you please stop breathing like that!!!”  But what if I was to suggest that your energy and internal weather changed all through your cycle?   Noting down your feelings and energy each day of your cycle ...

Bugger self help

  I started on personal growth pretty young. When I was 13 my big sister was into the (frankly terrifying) Exegisis, a UK version of Est and though I was thankfully too young to participate (thank the Goddess). I was very influenced by listening to her new world view – so refreshing and different to my highly buttoned up middle-class mum and dad.   This went on through Chuck Spezzano workshops, way-out-there healing, voice dialogue, bodywork, Reiki, rolfing, meditation, massage not to mention £100’s of pounds on self-help books. Then the biggest investment of them all, not one but two body psychotherapy trainings with weekly ...

How to End the Fight With Your Belly

Have you ever listened to the way you talk about your belly? When you catch a glimpse I bet it’s not often kind.   In any group of friends you’ll hear apologies for being: “Too fat” “Too wobbly” “Too greedy” The sort of language you would never use to your best friend and yet we routinely treat our bellies as the enemy. The battlefield encompasses food, our clothes and ultimately blasts our self-esteem too. But what would happen if you ended the fight?   Mindfulness is a great tool for changing this kind of self-talk. Just noticing the judgments that arise is a powerful first step in making friends with ...

How Womb Massage Change My Life

This is me interviewing my partner in belly love Leora Leboff on how womb massage changed her life; she has an amazing story to tell.

23 Ways Menstruality Will Rock Your World

In its simplest form menstruality is the process of tracking your energy and feelings as you go through your menstrual cycle each month. Just the process of mindful observation can create amazing change. I'm just back from a 5-day immersion at the Women's Quest Apprenticeship where we've been delving deep into the process of cycle awareness, it was quite a process for a non-cycling woman! While I'm digesting my experiences, I thought I'd share these 23 ways that menstruality will rock your world.     You'll be your own guru No need to pay someone to tell you what to do, your body tells you what you need to heal.   Auto...

How often should I have a massage?

I once read that the divine Barbara Streisand flies her massage therapist everywhere with her, first class, so she never need risk her body in stranger’s hands. You can bet she'd be keen on getting her money's worth and have a massage every day. And she couldn't be blamed for requesting the odd bit of shoulder work in-between times too.   Those of us who are less well financially resourced can only dream of a massage twice a day. Instead we must look at how much time and money we have and plan with that in mind.    If you're well-resourced What does that mean? Here are some of the goodies you might be lucky enough to have ...

Womb Awareness Week

One wombtastic fact for every day of womb awareness week! Check them out on my Facebook page, or you can see some of the images below.

The Self-Care Massage You Could Be Giving Yourself Every Day … But Aren’t

I am delighted that Mind Body Green decided to publish my article about the self-care massage this weekend; it has introduced 1,000's of women to the practice. A revolution in kindness and self-care! As Leora says; "Every woman should be able to experience this amazing practice!" You can check out the article on the Mind Body Green website and if you have experienced the benefits yourself, why not add your voice in the comments?

What are Love Your Belly workshops for exactly?

Here are Leora and I spilling the beans on what happens in our Love Your Belly workshops.

How to Be Your Own Guru

Why is it hardest to be kind to ourselves?   I routinely hear women say “Take care” to each other as they say goodbye or, “You should put your feet up” or some such, but why is it that we so seldom actually do it?   We know we should take time out, but it somehow gets lost in the busyness of life; other demands just seems more important that our own.   So many of us have sky-high stress levels, with every moment of our lives crammed to bursting with activity and stimulation. The roles of wife/partner, mother, career woman, creatirix, goddess, friend, carer etc. (Add your own unique recipe here!) Don’t leave ...