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Free Menopause Help

It's a tricky business finding help when you're feeling vulnerable, especially in menopause so if you're wondering about having a Medicine Circle, you can book a chat with me at no charge and get yourself some free menopause help. There's space to share what's happening, to be witnessed and heard and I can feedback and offer suggestions if you'd like that. Half an hour for you to explore what you need in your life right now. Schedule Appointment

Why Does Menopause Hurt So Bad?

Why does menopause hurt so bad? I mean really? All it is is the natural shift in hormones as our menstruating life comes to an end and our 'second spring' emerges. It's a shift from taking care of 'them out there' to taking care of ourselves; shouldn't that be easier and more joyful? One late summer morning I got up with a bee in my bonnet on this issue and did a Facebook live to think it through. Click on the image below to watch the vid. What I didn't go into, but will maybe get a bee in my bonnet about another day, is a lot of the pain is down to our culture not valuing age in general and older women in particular. Grrrr. Sadly the offer of ...

I don’t have a cycle, can a Menstrual Medicine Circle help?

You don't necessarily have to have a womb or a menstrual cycle to benefit from a Menstrual Medicine Circle.

Menstrual Medicine Circles Process

What is a Menstrual Medicine Circle Process? Menstrual Medicine Circles support sensitive women through our transitions into beautiful, better version of ourselves. This may be with menopausal, menstruating or perimenopausal women who want to deepen their understanding of their cycles and use this understanding to heal and deepen their joy in being a woman. This is what my clients have experienced. Our culture doesn’t support transformation, which might involve slinging out what doesn’t work in your life, grieving the loss of your younger self and healing the parts of yourself that call or shout for attention. But if you ignore it, you are ...

The 5 Chambers of Menopause

Menopause can be 50 shades of confusion, rage and bewilderment, but there is a map which can show you what you need to do at each phase. In this video I talk to women's health expert Rachel Eyre of The Healthy Womb about how to find our way through the emotional roller-coaster with the 5 chambers of menopause. There are more posts on other ways to support yourself through menopause, have a look!

The Map For The Menopause

Menopause, with all it's disturbingly foggy symptoms, is a time you can feel like the carpet's been pulled from under your feet and you are totally lost. It really only starts to make sense when you discover that menopause is a transition, a liminal time when you are turning into a rooting-tooting, bad-ass, mighty powerful wise woman!   I present to you the map for the menopause the five phases that you will go through to get through to the promised land of renewed energy and focus.   Not yet peri-menopausal? You need to read this too! These five phases are also present every month during your bleed-time and are a rehearsal for ...

How To Be Sure Of Your Pelvic Floor

Did you know that 32% of women in the UK had experienced symptoms of incontinence in the last 30 days (1)? In London, over a million women could be suffering right now and yet the subject is rarely spoken about, or only in quiet whispers in private places. That is a lot of women who are definitely NOT sure of their pelvic floor. There is so much shame attached to it and not much understanding of the therapy available but there is no need for this to be so widespread. Stress incontinence in not a normal part of menopause or aging and can easily be reversed and it's not all about the kegels you know! In this video I talked to women's health ...

23 Ways Menstruality Will Rock Your World

In its simplest form menstruality is the process of tracking your energy and feelings as you go through your menstrual cycle each month. Just the process of mindful observation can create amazing change. I'm just back from a 5-day immersion at the Women's Quest Apprenticeship where we've been delving deep into the process of cycle awareness, it was quite a process for a non-cycling woman! While I'm digesting my experiences, I thought I'd share these 23 ways that menstruality will rock your world.     You'll be your own guru No need to pay someone to tell you what to do, your body tells you what you need to heal.   Auto...

How often should I have a massage?

I once read that the divine Barbara Streisand flies her massage therapist everywhere with her, first class, so she never need risk her body in stranger’s hands. You can bet she'd be keen on getting her money's worth and have a massage every day. And she couldn't be blamed for requesting the odd bit of shoulder work in-between times too.   Those of us who are less well financially resourced can only dream of a massage twice a day. Instead we must look at how much time and money we have and plan with that in mind.    If you're well-resourced What does that mean? Here are some of the goodies you might be lucky enough to have ...

The Self-Care Massage You Could Be Giving Yourself Every Day … But Aren’t

I am delighted that Mind Body Green decided to publish my article about the self-care massage this weekend; it has introduced 1,000's of women to the practice. A revolution in kindness and self-care! As Leora says; "Every woman should be able to experience this amazing practice!" You can check out the article on the Mind Body Green website and if you have experienced the benefits yourself, why not add your voice in the comments?