Medicine Circles

What is a Medicine Circle?

Medicine Circles support sensitive women through our transitions into beautiful, better version of ourselves. This may be with menopausal, menstruating or perimenopausal women who want to deepen their understanding of their cycles and use this understanding to heal and deepen their joy in being a woman. This is what my clients have experienced.

“Experiencing the menstrual medicine circle with Kate has been life changing & profoundly healing. It has allowed me to connect to my Womb’s wisdom, deepening understanding of my truth and connection to the feminine with potent, ethereal & visceral insights that often take me by surprise.”



There are variations in how the Circles are set up, depending on your situation:

Menstrual Medicine Circles

Menstrual Medicine Circles are for menstruating folk, you take an embodied journey through the inner seasons, to better understand the challenges and gifts of your menstrual cycle.

The Life Seasons Circle

This circle is for perimenopausal or menopausal folk and lets you experience your life season from the maiden spring years, through the creative “mother” summer phase, the autumn years of perimenopause, your winter time of menopause, into your “second spring” of post menopause.

Going deeper into the phases of menopause allows for the opportunity to address the challenges and feel the reassurance of the new cycle of the second spring.

Corporate, retreats, groups and 1-2-1

I use the circles in different ways, according to what suits you and your situation best, creating the most safety to explore, for example:

  • Embodied group process as a movement based practice
  • Guided visualisations online and in groups
  • 1-2-1 sessions online
  • In-person sessions in Watford as embodied visualisations and movement meditation


Our culture doesn’t support transformation, which might involve slinging out what doesn’t work in your life, grieving the loss of your younger self and healing the parts of yourself that call or shout for attention. But if you ignore it, you are missing a great opportunity for healing and maybe even living your calling.

Menopause is a time when we can feel particularly at sea, but there is a map for the menopause that can help you to see what you need to care for in your life right now.

The key to making this change is self-awareness.

Whether you have a cycle or not this ‘menopause medicine’ gives you access to your inner wisdom, helping you find your way through menopause and menstrual challenges.

It is a respectful, safe process that allows you to access your innate wisdom and your resources while being held by the facilitator (that’s me) and the process.

If you’re curious you can book a free discovery session so we can talk through your current challenges.

Who is this for?

The circles are for sensitive women who are interested in personal growth and wanting to engage with the transformative possibilities of cycles of life. It helps if you have been practising cycle awareness by tracking your moon or menstrual cycles, but if you haven’t, a little coaching in a seasonal approach to life will soon get you started.

You don’t have to be menstruating to benefit from this approach. Here’s how Menstrual Medicine Circles help with menopause. 

I also use Medicine Circles to access work and career guidance in mentoring sessions and  corporate workshops.

“I would recommend this to any woman who feels the need to create a fresher outlook on the changes she is experiencing within body, mind and emotions due to peri / menopause. It’s a challenging phase and support like this is precious.”

– Claire

What is menstrual medicine?

Menstrual medicine is the awareness that arises from observing and attending to the cycles in your life:

  • The menstrual cycle
  • The creative cycle
  • The menopause process

Both as physical and psycho-spiritual events.

Attending to your energetic, emotional and psycho-spiritual changes and building relationships with the phenomena emerging from your system (also known as pain and problems) will help you heal and grow. Here are some of the ways menstruality can change your life.

The medicine equates with the healing and awareness of your cycles:

  • Understanding your unique gifts in each season
  • Putting you in the driving seat of your life
  • Building your self-esteem
  • Building more self-kindness

All of which naturally reduces tensions and heals. You can read about menstruality in more depth 

Medicine also refers to your calling or self-actualisation, big words I know, but healing the archetypal cycle will naturally bring you into your calling, be that a big dream or pleasure in small things. Red School also describe how Medicine Circles are gentle magic.

What happens in a session?

The circles are an imaginative exercise facilitated 1-2-1 in person in Watford or in a virtual session on Zoom which lasts 1 hour.

There is an initial questionnaire so I understand your needs and if I’m the right person for you to work with.

In the session, once you’ve decided on a clear intention, I invite you to regard the cycle and step into it in your imagination, using visual, somatic and associative cues.  You can also chose to move through the cycle as a mindful movement practice.

Once you have navigated part or all of the cycle, you are invited to step out and reflect on your experience and see what needs to be cared for and what your next steps are.


Medicine Circles were developed by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo-Wurlitzer, the founders of Red School. This interview with Alexandra will show you how it all came about. The training is the first of its kind and for more information about Red School you can go to their site. You can also find a list of Medicine Circle facilitators.

If you are interested in booking a session, you can do that here.


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