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Menstrual Medicine Circles Process

What is a Menstrual Medicine Circle Process? Menstrual Medicine Circles support sensitive women through our transitions into beautiful, better version of ourselves. This may be with menopausal, menstruating or perimenopausal women who want to deepen their understanding of their cycles and use this understanding to heal and deepen their joy in being a woman. This is what my clients have experienced. Our culture doesn’t support transformation, which might involve slinging out what doesn’t work in your life, grieving the loss of your younger self and healing the parts of yourself that call or shout for attention. But if you ignore it, you are ...

The Creative Cycle

Learning about seasonal cycle awareness can be helpful even if you aren't menstruating, even if you're a bloke in fact (man-struating maybe??) This graphic will show you how to map your creative cycles and show yourself more kindness while being more productive.   If you'd like to learn more about how the seasons can support your creativity, Menstrual Medicine Circles can be brilliant for this, even if you don't have a cycle.