23 Ways Menstruality Will Rock Your World


In its simplest form menstruality is the process of tracking your energy and feelings as you go through your menstrual cycle each month. Just the process of mindful observation can create amazing change, check out my list!

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You’ll be your own guru

No need to pay someone to tell you what to do, your body tells you what you need to heal.

Automated spiritual practice

Noticing where you stumble and dissolve will point the way to where your attention can be healing.

Legal highs

Resting and going slow when you bleed can give you natural highs when your cycle is in balance.


Reassurance that you are not mad

Noticing how the rage or disturbances appear regularly on the same day each month, means that you’re not nuts, just not having your needs met.

Avoid burn out

The world rushes us on ever faster, but ceaseless full-on activity is not sustainable; eventually you get ill or crack up. A regular time to be slow, rest or stop will keep able to do what you love.

Plan your life to match your cycle

Planning presentations and high energy activities when you have abundant energy is the way forward. SO much better than trying to do them when you’re feeling small and quiet.

Trusting the process and saying a humongous yes to yourself!

Oh yess! In all your complexity and many ways of being.

The sense of feeling held by something greater than you

Paying attention to and trusting the pattern of monthly renewal will give a sense of containment.

Healing trauma

Paying gentle attention to the triggers can help find a way into healing ancient wounds.

Make life more fulfilling

Setting intentions for the coming month on your bleed and clearing what no longer serves you, helps you keep your focus on what you want to create in your life.

Accessing intuition

The bleed time thins the veils between everyday consciousness and intuition, providing inspiration and information to move forward.

Gives you permission to do bugger all

Women tend to give too much. I do, you do, nearly everyone I know does. It doesn’t work. Regular doses of bugger all heals. Fact.

Doing bugger all gives you better boundaries, which means you can …




Less caught up in our stories

All humans are doomed to repeat patterns that we haven’t healed. Mindful attention to your cycle will help you to be less attached to your stories and less reactive when triggered, so you have more choice about how you respond.

Rock your premenstruum

It doesn’t have to be all PMT you know. The premenstrual days bring gifts of tidying, clearing and editing the bits of your life that are not longer serving you.

Top tip, if you are a raging tiger at this point, leave the clearing till the next ovulation to execute most elegantly.

Get comfy with your shadow

Monthly encounters with the parts of yourself that you’re not so comfy with, can bring familiarity and maybe even integration.

Believe in yourself

Observing the undermining critical voice with a mindful ear breeds familiarity. And getting to know how these patterns repeat, and repeat and repeat (don’t they just?) is the key to healing.

mindful menopause

A mindful menopause

Observing your unique cycle creates a nurturing kindness towards yourself so that when menopause comes, you already have a map to negotiate it. The different phases of your winter are also the stages of menopause.


Supercharge your creativity

Your response to your seasonal cycle is replicated in creative projects so that understanding your personal challenges and vulnerable points will help you in your projects too. Especially when you get stuck!

A happy pulp

Every month the cycle builds up your outward, worldly ego-self and then dismantles you again. Into a mess. Again and again. With practice, it can be OK to dissolve to a pulp to let go of your ‘self’. People spend a lot of money on therapy to do that.

Builds trust

For the same reason.

Initiatory journey

Blokes on a spiritual path have to graft; mountains, meditation, voyages and sacrifice is their thing. Women have their own built-in initiatory process, working us from the inside.

Better relationships

Once your partner understands your cycle’s superpowers, harmony will shine in your relationships because he’ll know exactly what you need at any time of the month. (See Code Red for details) Same goes for co-workers too.

What next?

An impressive list I think you’ll agree. Want to get started? Download a chart and write down how you feel today. It’s as simple as that If you want to dive in and really engage with menstruality, the Red School has excellent online courses.


2 Replies to "23 Ways Menstruality Will Rock Your World"

  • Donna Wolper
    June 1, 2016 (7:06 pm)

    YES! All that inspired me to write The Moontime Harmony Workbook to help a wombyn find this path to her Sacred moontime. This is what it is about. Good for you!

    • katecodrington
      June 2, 2016 (1:46 pm)

      Thanks Donna! Can you add a link to your book? I’m sure there would be loads of interest.

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