Being a therapist can be a lonely business, once the excitement of graduating has passed, the reality of building a sustainable practice in a world already full of therapists can feel overwhelming.

I offer online or in person mentoring to complementary therapists who are looking for a way forward towards an authentic, sustainable practice that nourishes their client group AND themselves. It’s a safe, private space for you to drop your bundle, reflect and clarify what you want in your professional life.

We none of us can do this alone, we need to lean into safe, nourishing spaces to get there.

Our practice is process

There are many courses and solutions that promise ‘success’, but as we’re all unique, we need to find our path to our own kind of success, which can mean very different things to each of us.

Our personal process cycles through our lives and our business/self-employment/practice is no different; it shows us the way to grow, often painfully! Having a space to soften around these issues and be curious about them, instead of trying to ignore or fix them can help us to open to the potential of our work and consequently our own potential.

I can hold space for you to:

  • Reflect
  • Celebrate yourself
  • Offload
  • Find ways through your blocks
  • Allow yourself to fail and get back up again
  • Create healthier boundaries
  • Work out how to be kinder to yourself
  • Manage work-life craziness
  • Make connections between your work and your core wounds
  • Think about skills development
  • Access your deep wisdom
  • Reflect on your online presence
  • Think about who your client group is
  • Align your marketing with your heart

    And many other things

What happens?

You are the authority on you, so I work with conscious listening to help you navigate your way to solutions that work for you to bring your unique skills and gifts to the world.

If you want feedback on your offerings I can give that and help you to find a way to structure any changes that feel good for you to make. I can then give you accountability for what you choose to do.

When you want to understand the deeper patterns that might be blocking you and gentle ways to move forward, I use Medicine Circles to access your inner wisdom, these have been central to the development of my practice in the last few years.

The most important concern is always to look at how you can weave more self-care into your life.

My story

Reiki was my first experience of healing practice in the early 1990s, and over the following years I have struggled with every aspect of self-employment. I’ve had no clients for ages, I’ve burnt out more than once, made many websites, done no marketing and terrible marketing, inauthentic marketing, felt my boundaries to be wibbly; all kinds of difficult things. This is how I come to mentor from a place of humble kindness.

Coming from a psychotherapy background where supervision was mandatory, I benefitted hugely from leaning into a regular support. This is how I support myself now.

It’s been a tough learning experience and over the years I have refined, developed and shifted my offerings and how they’re presented so that I can sit more comfortably with myself.

I love being around therapists; you’re my people! I founded the PAPA Birth Network which ran for many years and at Kate Codrington Online offered mentoring and online and in-person courses for support therapists, healers and facilitators. As part of my menopausal letting go I released the courses and groups but I find now I miss the 1-2-1 aspect of working with therapists and am offering mentoring again.

How much and how often

You’re welcome to get support on a regular basis or as a drop-in. It might be nice for us to chat first to see if we’re a good fit and to work out if I can help. Sessions cost £60 an hour and you can book here.