What is Rebozo Massage?

Relaxation is at the top of my list, and it’s something that all of us need more of! But have you ever noticed that to let go, you need to feel safe? This can mean

  • being with a safe person
  • understanding what will happen
  • trust
  • but also ‘held’

This is where a rebozo brings it’s magic; used to ease aching backs, relax joints and help pregnant women, it holds you so completely that you can let go. It feels a little bit like being a baby securely wrapped and held; blissful.

Mexican rebozo

Painting of a woman with a rebozo by José Julio Gaona.

The Rebozo itself is a strong, hand-woven Mexican shawl used to carry babies, keep warm and by the midwives to do the ‘manteada’, a massage technique where the woman is rocked in the hammock of the shawl to help ease aching back and to encourage the womb into a good position.

Rebozo for massage

The rebozo can be used to gently ease out tension in the head and neck. Your head is contained in the soft fabric, and lifted and rolled very softly so the holding can release. At the end of the treatment your head can be wrapped up, turban style, which calms your thoughts and softens your brow.

Your arms and legs don’t get left out. The rebozo can be used like a hammock to rock, roll and stretch out your tired limbs, this will also release your hips and lower back.


Rebozo for Pregnancy

Rebozo work is traditionally used for pregnancy and birth. Here it provides a beautifully safe way to ease out aching backs and to allow more room in the womb for baby to move into the best position for labour and birth.

It’s perfect for massage late in pregnancy and birth preparation sessions, where special techniques help create more comfort and relaxation for mother and baby. There are standing positions that shimmy out lower back pain.

Easing the lower back

Easing the lower back

And all fours positions for swaying and rocking out tension and holding.

Rebozo for pregnancy

Shimmying bumps


Rebozo after your baby

Birth just blows you away; whatever kind of experience you’ve had you will be super-open and vulnerable. There are special rebozo techniques to start the process of bringing you back to yourself. Your pelvis is wrapped up tight to ‘close the bones’ of the pelvis, bringing your focus of attention deep within so you can safely let go. This allows your uterus and abdominal organs to return to their pre-pregnancy position. In special treatments, after your massage your head, shoulders, pelvis and feet are all tightly bound, providing an extraordinary experience of holding.


Rebozo for fertility

Having your womb in a good position is crucial; if it is held to one side, too far forward to back, the circulation is restricted so your menstrual health will be compromised.  Rebozo techniques provide a great tool for shimmying and sifting the womb into a good position.


Shimmying the womb

Shimmying the womb

Wrapping the pelvis, in the same way as for postnatal sessions, is also nourishing for women who want a baby. It fosters a sense of wholeness and containing that helps to heal the often invasive and detached way our bodies are viewed.


For anyone who wants to relax, it is a truly blissful experience.


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