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Is it safe to have a massage after the birth?

When you're pregnant the world around you softly bends to look after you and your babies well-being. You can get a seat in first class on the way to work and nourishing morsels of food arrive like magic. All this changes after the birth when the attention goes to your baby, and this is quite right, and yet it's so easy for your needs to get completely forgotten. Mums need as much care after the birth of their babies as when they’re pregnant. It’s so easy to forget about looking after yourself in the rush to organise a christening, having family visiting and all the demands that being a new mum brings.   It’s not widely understood that ...

Rebozo Bodywork Testimonial

I am profoundly grateful to Rowena Ronson for writing this piece about her experience of receiving Rebozo bodywork. It is a great example of how creating safe boundaries allows the healing to emerge from within us. "I felt like I had been given a gift – a confirmation of my connection to source and earth and to the never-ending flow of life and time." You can find Rowena's article on the Double Take blog, the photo was taken by Rowena and is called Embryo.

A-Z of Massage – Rebozo Massage

Rebozo techniques are not just for pregnancy and birth, everyone can benefit. Find out more in this week's A-Z of Massage on Welldoing.org

Rebozo Massage Treatment

The rebozo massage is a unique, three part treatment which will dissolve tension, ease joint stiffness and take you to a deep place of healing within yourself.  It has the effect of - Calming everything down Confirming your boundaries Allowing you to go deep within Grounding Giving you safety and containment Head and shoulders Lying on your back, your shoulders and head are gently massaged with a unique ‘emptying’ massage to start your journey into a state of soft relaxation. Following this, your head is contained in the strong fabric and rolled from side to side, to allow your neck to safely release. Shoulders and Hips The rebozo is ...

Rebozo Massage for Fertility, Pregnancy and After the Birth

This month I have been learning new Rebozo massage for fertility, pregnancy and after the birth with  Clare Blake.  These hand-woven Mexican shawls can be used for a variety of uses in a massage session. For fertility, pregnancy and after the birth we can shimmy, rock and roll out tension from all parts of the body, as well as wrap and contain in safety. We can Ease out aching backs Help baby into a good position for birth Create more room for baby to move Release and soften the pelvis and SI joints Shimmy the womb into a good position for good menstrual health Bring containment and safety in the pelvis Wrap and close the body ...