Rebozo Massage for Fertility, Pregnancy and After the Birth

This month I have been learning new Rebozo massage for fertility, pregnancy and after the birth with  Clare Blake.  These hand-woven Mexican shawls can be used for a variety of uses in a massage session. For fertility, pregnancy and after the birth we can shimmy, rock and roll out tension from all parts of the body, as well as wrap and contain in safety. We can

  • Ease out aching backs
  • Help baby into a good position for birth
  • Create more room for baby to move
  • Release and soften the pelvis and SI joints
  • Shimmy the womb into a good position for good menstrual health
  • Bring containment and safety in the pelvis
  • Wrap and close the body after having a baby
  • Help the abdominal organs back to their pre-pregnant place
  • Soothe the mind and brow
  • Release the head and neck
  • Create safety and containment like a swaddled baby


As you can see Rebozo work is absolutely blissful!

Many thanks to Leora Leboff for organising the workshop and to Sarah-Jane Tepper for her beautiful space.



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