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Self-help for Challenging Times

These are difficult times for all of us as we face every aspect of our lives with uncertainty. Bloody difficult. Naturally, we're all feeling the stressed out and powerless (hence the loo roll madness) and this will impact on our immune system at exactly the time we need to be in robust health. We need to find healthy ways to soothe ourselves especially when our hormones are shifting in menopause, a naturally more vulnerable time. As a highly sensitive person, I am familiar with over-stimulation and carrying generalised anxiety in my body and I am VERY good at self-soothing, it's become habitual for me. So while things are tough, I'd like to ...

Six Ways to Help Period Pain

Menstrual pain is no joke, 40 – 70% of women of reproductive age experience some kind of pain, with 10% of women describing severe symptoms. That’s a lot of regular women with hot water bottles. In fact, there is no need for us to experience pain, it is not healthy or necessary. 1. Menstrual cycle awareness You know about pre-menstrual grumps I bet. OK maybe not grumps but it used to be full-on raging in my case. “Will you please stop breathing like that!!!”  But what if I was to suggest that your energy and internal weather changed all through your cycle?   Noting down your feelings and energy each day of your cycle ...

How To Be Sure Of Your Pelvic Floor

Did you know that 32% of women in the UK had experienced symptoms of incontinence in the last 30 days (1)? In London, over a million women could be suffering right now and yet the subject is rarely spoken about, or only in quiet whispers in private places. That is a lot of women who are definitely NOT sure of their pelvic floor. There is so much shame attached to it and not much understanding of the therapy available but there is no need for this to be so widespread. Stress incontinence in not a normal part of menopause or aging and can easily be reversed and it's not all about the kegels you know! In this video I talked to women's health ...

How often should I have a massage?

I once read that the divine Barbara Streisand flies her massage therapist everywhere with her, first class, so she never need risk her body in stranger’s hands. You can bet she'd be keen on getting her money's worth and have a massage every day. And she couldn't be blamed for requesting the odd bit of shoulder work in-between times too.   Those of us who are less well financially resourced can only dream of a massage twice a day. Instead we must look at how much time and money we have and plan with that in mind.    If you're well-resourced What does that mean? Here are some of the goodies you might be lucky enough to have ...

A Happier, Healthier You!

If you are interested in being happier and healthier, and are looking for practical solutions check out the WellDoing guide to your mind and body. I contributed a chapter on how to love your belly, but you can also find out how to... ...start the day ...stop feeling stuck ...have a healthier relationship with technology ...improve your mood with food ...use exercise for wellbeing ...find a job you love ...be a better listener ...build inner strength ...forgive ...banish negative self-talk ...self-soothe ...cope with social anxiety ...manage loneliness ...become more intuitive ...help each other out ...end the day ...overcome insomni...

Learn self-care abdominal massage

Here are the instructions for the self-care abdominal massage, it's a great way to connect with your body and maintain your digestive, hormonal and emotional health. To get the instructions, just click here.  

A-Z of Massage – what is Swedish Massage?

There are so many varieties of massage around with so many different descriptions, how do you know what you're going to get? Here's a straight forward explanation for anyone who's ever wondered "What is Swedish Massage"? This was published on the WellDoing.org blog on 16th September 2014

Rebozo Massage Treatment

The rebozo massage is a unique, three part treatment which will dissolve tension, ease joint stiffness and take you to a deep place of healing within yourself.  It has the effect of - Calming everything down Confirming your boundaries Allowing you to go deep within Grounding Giving you safety and containment Head and shoulders Lying on your back, your shoulders and head are gently massaged with a unique ‘emptying’ massage to start your journey into a state of soft relaxation. Following this, your head is contained in the strong fabric and rolled from side to side, to allow your neck to safely release. Shoulders and Hips The rebozo is ...

How to Massage Your Belly

Self-help abdominal massage is a free tool that will help you to support your well-being in a wonderfully gentle way. You can learn how to massage your belly from these easy to understand instructions. If you want to watch the video to see how to do it, then click here to find the page.

What is Shiatsu? This week’s A-Z of Massage

This week's article shows you the amazing benefits of Shiatsu,. This ancient Japanese healing art can help a wide variety of ill health, check out the article below to find out what is Shiatsu at WellDoing.