Heart-Womb Connection – A Quiet Revolution

Heart Womb ConnectionThere’s a quiet revolution happening somewhere near you, though you probably haven’t even noticed it. All but invisible to the outside, powered by breath and body awareness, this revolution can have an amazing impact on you and the way you are in the world.


The heart-womb connection


Never heard of it? Well I’m not surprised because you won’t find it on the Mail Online’s sidebar of shame, but it has a venerable history; Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayruvedic medicine both see the channel linking the two organs which provides a strong circuit in women.

Heart is the energetic centre of compassion, love, forgiveness and connection.

The womb is the energetic centre of creative power, hopes and desires in women.

Unfortunately both heart and womb can become wounded; heart-break and loss can make our hearts guarded and shut off, shame about our sexuality or trauma make us constrict and numb our pelvic region and bellies which can create a tendency toward menstrual and/or digestive problems.

Added to this our culture seems to have an interest in keeping us out of connection with our wombs and pelvic region;
• high heels prevent our bodies from being properly grounded
• the obsession with having ‘the perfect body’ makes us ashamed of our softness
• we are expected to be busy all of the time instead of regulating our activity in a cyclical way
• images of femininity are still stereotyped (when will it end??)

What would happen if the energy of the heart and womb flowed beautifully and the compassion and kindness of our hearts met with the creativity of the pelvis?

Emotional wounds might heal
We could find the courage to live-out our creativity in the world
We could learn to love our bellies
We might make better food choices for ourselves
We could live more in tune with our cycles
We could enjoy our bodies more
We could be kinder to ourselves
We might listen to our deep, inner wisdom
And feel connected to and supported by the earth
Maybe even better orgasms??!

What could happen within you?

Want to know more? Come and join us at the Love Your Belly Workshop on  Tuesday 3rd February to learn how to re-unite your own heart-womb connection with some great self-care exercises you can use whatever age you are;

Self-care massage
Breathing exercises
Healing and attunement from Miranda Gray

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Or drop me a line. Join the quiet revolution.


3 Replies to "Heart-Womb Connection - A Quiet Revolution"

  • Alex Clarke
    January 27, 2015 (10:02 pm)

    A beautifully written, beautiful truth. Here’s to the rosey (quiet) revolution!

    • katecodrington
      January 28, 2015 (9:45 am)

      Thank you Alex, I’m raising my glass to you. Will you be joining in with Miranda Gray’s Womb Blessing on Tuesday? You can receive at a time of your choosing so v adaptable to everyday life. http://www.wombblessing.com/

      • Alex Clarke
        January 29, 2015 (1:15 pm)

        Oh I think I shall! Thank you 🙂

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