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What is self-care?

In this video I discuss ‘What is self-care?’ with Leora Leboff, my partner at Love Your Belly. We share why it matters so much for fertility, menstrual and menopause health and what we actually do in our own lives!   To watch the video click here or click on the image above. You can find more articles on other menstrual health topics too.

Your Road To Fertility Health

Our next Love Your Belly workshop is 'Your Road to Fertility Health' on Sunday 4th October, here's Leora and I to tell you all about it. Booking is now open here and you can save £10 on the regular price £50 if you book before Monday 7th September.

A Happier, Healthier You!

If you are interested in being happier and healthier, and are looking for practical solutions check out the WellDoing guide to your mind and body. I contributed a chapter on how to love your belly, but you can also find out how to... ...start the day ...stop feeling stuck ...have a healthier relationship with technology ...improve your mood with food ...use exercise for wellbeing ...find a job you love ...be a better listener ...build inner strength ...forgive ...banish negative self-talk ...self-soothe ...cope with social anxiety ...manage loneliness ...become more intuitive ...help each other out ...end the day ...overcome insomni...

Heart-Womb Connection – A Quiet Revolution

There’s a quiet revolution happening somewhere near you, though you probably haven’t even noticed it. All but invisible to the outside, powered by breath and body awareness, this revolution can have an amazing impact on you and the way you are in the world.   The heart-womb connection   Never heard of it? Well I’m not surprised because you won’t find it on the Mail Online’s sidebar of shame, but it has a venerable history; Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayruvedic medicine both see the channel linking the two organs which provides a strong circuit in women. Heart is the energetic centre of compassion, love, forgiveness ...

Best Blogs of 2014

In this slightly weird time between Christmas and New Year, I have been reflecting on the past year and looking forward to 2015. It has been an amazing year for me, I have been on a training-bender and have been very lucky to have learnt from some great teachers - Fertility massage therapy with Clare Blake Well Mother, pregnancy massage retreat with Suzanne Yates Menopause; unveiling the hidden power with Alexandra Pope Womb Yoga training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli   You can see the full list of my yummy adventures here but all this has had a nourishing affect for my clients too! I have seen the healing affects of the abdominal ...