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This therapist needs kindness too

I am a huge fan of supervision and peer support as you can see from my CPD activities, I just couldn't hold my clients without a wider circle of women supporting me. In this interview, I chat with my massage supervisor, Arvigo teacher Hilary Lewin about how therapists need kindness to be able to do their best work.  

Adventures in Womb Wisdom

Followed by dentists and dead birds Even if you have only read one of my blogs before, I bet that it will have been either about rest or body awareness   These subjects come back again and again and as we teach the things we most need to learn, this is my growing edge too, especially the resting part.   My quest for rest is what took me to the Cotswolds last weekend for a ‘Womb Wisdom’ retreat with Uma Dinsmore –Tuli and Alexandra Pope.   This wasn’t the lying-around-on-the-sofa kind of rest. This was more like deep soul rest; in the company of like-minded women, we could drop the effort of everyday life ...

Heart-Womb Connection – A Quiet Revolution

There’s a quiet revolution happening somewhere near you, though you probably haven’t even noticed it. All but invisible to the outside, powered by breath and body awareness, this revolution can have an amazing impact on you and the way you are in the world.   The heart-womb connection   Never heard of it? Well I’m not surprised because you won’t find it on the Mail Online’s sidebar of shame, but it has a venerable history; Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayruvedic medicine both see the channel linking the two organs which provides a strong circuit in women. Heart is the energetic centre of compassion, love, forgiveness ...