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Biodynamic Therapy Research

"I had this great Biodynamic massage" "Which massage is that? Bio- what?" "You know, that's the one with the stethoscope!" The USP for Biodynamic therapy work is that we listen to the peristalsis in the gut with a stethoscope, but why? What sense or use can we make of it? Some fascinating research reveals how Biodynamic therapists think about and use the sounds from the gut. I have asked the man behind the therapy research, Theo Raymond, all about it.     Hi Theo, You’ve done some fascinating research on how Biodynamic therapists use the sound of peristalsis in their work. Can you say a bit about your different work and how the ...

Learn how to massage your belly

This video will show how to massage your belly to enhance your hormonal and digestive health. Before you get started, bookmark or save the URL for this page so you can find it again. The best time to do your massage is in the evenings just before you go to sleep, take a few minutes to get yourself comfy and prop your knees up with pillows so your belly can be soft. The routine takes 5 minutes or so and will leave you relaxed and ready for a beautiful night's sleep. The gentle massage is safe except for a few exceptions, do not massage your belly - a few days before, during or immediately after your period. If you have an IUD or ...

A Happier, Healthier You!

If you are interested in being happier and healthier, and are looking for practical solutions check out the WellDoing guide to your mind and body. I contributed a chapter on how to love your belly, but you can also find out how to... ...start the day ...stop feeling stuck ...have a healthier relationship with technology ...improve your mood with food ...use exercise for wellbeing ...find a job you love ...be a better listener ...build inner strength ...forgive ...banish negative self-talk ...self-soothe ...cope with social anxiety ...manage loneliness ...become more intuitive ...help each other out ...end the day ...overcome insomni...

Heart-Womb Connection – A Quiet Revolution

There’s a quiet revolution happening somewhere near you, though you probably haven’t even noticed it. All but invisible to the outside, powered by breath and body awareness, this revolution can have an amazing impact on you and the way you are in the world.   The heart-womb connection   Never heard of it? Well I’m not surprised because you won’t find it on the Mail Online’s sidebar of shame, but it has a venerable history; Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayruvedic medicine both see the channel linking the two organs which provides a strong circuit in women. Heart is the energetic centre of compassion, love, forgiveness ...

How to Massage Your Belly

Self-help abdominal massage is a free tool that will help you to support your well-being in a wonderfully gentle way. You can learn how to massage your belly from these easy to understand instructions. If you want to watch the video to see how to do it, then click here to find the page.

Biodynamic Cycles for Therapists

I am delighted that Massage World have published another of my articles. this one is about the Biodynamic theory of the vasomotoric cycle and how therapists can use it to understand more about what might prevent a client from relaxing. You can download a copy here  or read it below. If you are curious about how mindfulness can deepen your practice read this  which was published in Massage Magazine April 2014

A-Z of Massage – Abdominal

Here's the first in my new A-Z of Massage series over at welldoing.org. No surprise that A is for Abdominal : ) You can download it  it here  

What is Abdominal Massage?

What is abdominal massage?  This slide show will give you comprehensive answers! It is an exploration of the - history and scope of belly work the benefits of abdominal massage what happens in a session why I am drawn to the work looking at if it's OK to touch bellies physiology of digestion ileocecal valve colon conditions of the colon and ileocecal valve emotion and meaning of the colon, ICV and small intestine It is a presentation I gave to the Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists in March 2014. If you know people who are interested in their digestive health, please share!  

Abdominal Massage Training

Learn dynamic massage techniques to release physical and emotional issues in the belly.   My teacher, the wonderful Helen Rohlicek, is offering another chance to attend an abdominal massage training in London next month. The work has great results on all kinds of digestive and hormonal issues and can be integrated into your own work or used as a stand alone treatment. I learned abdominal massage from Helen last year and it has transformed my massage work and my digestion too! The three day course covers:- Digestion A&P. How to locate the ileo-caecal valve and massage the small/large intestines to aid digestion and improve elimination....

Love your belly!

Biodynamic massage therapy is one place where the rumbling of your tummy is really precious. We love it! Our bellies have so much to tell us: •    Butterflies in our stomachs speak of anxiety before a performance •    Explosive sounds can be an imminent release! •    That sinking feeling feels like dread •    Fullness can feel like satisfaction It’s a language that’s so integral to our sense of ourselves that it’s practically un-noticeable.     In our language too there’s lots of tummy related phrases too - •    Trust your gut reactions •    I couldn’t stomach it •    It made ...