Best Blogs of 2014

In this slightly weird time between Christmas and New Year, I have been reflecting on the past year and looking forward to 2015. It has been an amazing year for me, I have been on a training-bender and have been very lucky to have learnt from some great teachers –

Fertility massage therapy with Clare Blake

Well Mother, pregnancy massage retreat with Suzanne Yates

Menopause; unveiling the hidden power with Alexandra Pope

Womb Yoga training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli


You can see the full list of my yummy adventures here but all this has had a nourishing affect for my clients too! I have seen the healing affects of the abdominal work, the Love Your Belly Workshops with Leora and a deepening of my work with pregnant women.


Over all, I feel that I am now more closely aligned with my calling. How do I know this? I am feeling more relaxed, less stressed and much clearer about what I need to do for my clients and things seem to flow along much more easily.


Enough of the me, me, me however. I thought it might be interesting to see which of the blogs were most popular in 2014. What is interesting is that they’re not the one’s about how massage can save your life and clean your house, the most popular blogs are about how we internalize society’s negative view of women’s bodies. So, in no particular order we have the top five, you can click on the titles to find the original article.


What would it take for you to feel good in your skin?

Wondering how the world would be different if wear actually felt that we were OK as we are.

Barbie Comparison chart

Eight things women should celebrate but don’t

Reminding myself to celebrate the amazing things that women do, because otherwise these amazing achievements are just ignored.

Red dress

Four things you need if you’re a woman over 40

Radical self-care for prei-menopause.


Balance for Busy Women

This free e-book is my ultimate guide to making small changes that will significantly improve your life.

Balance for Busy Women

What to do when your client can’t relax

One of the articles I wrote for Massage World magazine, this shares some innovative Biodynamic theory which can help us to reflect on why clients are unable to let go.

nourishment diagram

Blogs of all colours and flavours are an amazing resource these days and I’m curious to know what you’ve enjoyed reading this year (not just mine of course, I’m not THAT self-obsessed). Please let me know what you’ve enjoyed reading below.


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