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What are Love Your Belly workshops for exactly?

Here are Leora and I spilling the beans on what happens in our Love Your Belly workshops.

Heart-Womb Connection – A Quiet Revolution

There’s a quiet revolution happening somewhere near you, though you probably haven’t even noticed it. All but invisible to the outside, powered by breath and body awareness, this revolution can have an amazing impact on you and the way you are in the world.   The heart-womb connection   Never heard of it? Well I’m not surprised because you won’t find it on the Mail Online’s sidebar of shame, but it has a venerable history; Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayruvedic medicine both see the channel linking the two organs which provides a strong circuit in women. Heart is the energetic centre of compassion, love, forgiveness ...

EFT for Abdominal Self-Care

Here's a great article by EFT expert Tamara Donn, she attended our Love your Belly - meeting the inner feminine workshop on Tuesday 10th September.  You can read her experience and tips here, she said of the workshop;   "Interesting and insightful abdominal massage workshop - intrigued to know more"