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Balance for Busy Women

As life gets faster, finding balance is getting harder to achieve, especially for women. 'Balance for Busy Women' contains six teeny tiny changes that are easy to make and to weave into your life.  By making these sustainable adjustments to our lives we can incrementally manage our stress better and improve our well-being. I have written this free  e-book using insights from my own busy life and my experience with clients. Use the button below to download your free copy; I hope you enjoy it! Download now I hope you find the ideas useful as a way of moving ...

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Connect with your Baby

The first trimester can often be a vulnerable period as your body undergoes the incredibly profound changes; excitement and anxieties are high, you will probably be tired, emotional and nauseous long before your belly shows. On the inside you are doing amazing work - your baby grows from a single cell to a recognisably human creature measuring 5cm long. It can be hard to find positive support at this time and much of the advice in the media is confusing and contradictory. Here is a wonderfully nourishing, safe exercise you can do at home to help steady yourself, connect ...

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