Download a Free Cycle Chart

free cycle chart (1)You can now download a free cycle chart for you to learn your unique rhythm and develop your own self-care. It’s designed to be suitable for women at all stages of life, with 32 spaces to accommodate the fluctuations of peri-menopause and cycle irregularities. So where ever you are in your journey, you can be the expert on you.

Download your chart here

Once you’ve downloaded the free cycle chart, print off a few copies and note the day you started your period on day 1. Add in the dates, I like to add the days of the week too, but it’s not essential. Count forward until you get to today and note down the predominant emotion/feeling. There are more things you can include but doing this every day is all you need to do to spot your unique patterns and flow, then after a few months you will be your own guru!

free cycle chart

If this is getting you excited and you want to deepen your understanding of your cyclical nature and how to maximise it for creativity, check out the retreats at Woman Kind where we offer days of deep nourishment and cycle exploration.




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