What’s your current menopause challenge?

Taking a look at some of the common challenges that Medicine Circles address.

One of the key aspects of receiving a Medicine Circle is creating an intention at the beginning of the process. Making your intention as clear as possible helps to focus the material and makes it easier to integrate it into our daily self-care.

It takes a little while sometimes to really get to the nub of what needs answering, but there’s no rule. Sometimes they can be intensely practical – “How do I manage these night sweats?” Through the full spectrum of feeling stuck, physical pain, glum… all the way to spiritual guidance. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that women bring to their sessions.

Menopausal Challenge Questions

  • Where am I in the menopause process?
  • I want to move through this grief
  • I need more space in my life
  • I want to learn to love ageing
  • How do I access my strength when I feel so tired?
  • Should I take HRT?

Menstrual Challenge Questions

  • How can I make my needs as important as others’?
  • How do I reduce my period pain?
  • How can I have a peaceful, productive premenstruum?
  • I want to find some peace with PCOS
  • How can I find work that nourishes me?
  • Shall I have another child?

You can get a flavour of the richness of the sessions from the questions, and aren’t they universal? Whether in a menopausal process or not, we can all relate to these questions that seem to come direct from the soul.

What about the answers?

The answers that arise in the circles is a bit like being the heroine of our own adventure, they allows us to face challenges and find resources to traverse them safely. We can receive unexpected pleasures and delight in the different seasons of being a woman.

Once we come out of the circle, we find ways to ground all this juice into a small, doable practice that can nourish the flame of this new way of being. The desire might be to run away and leave the family, leaving the house in ashes, but a homeopathic dose of that might be to take a short walk once a day. These tiny doses of what we long for build over time into real change.


We find that just journeying through the seasons, of menopause or menstrual seasons, helps to heal the energy of the cycle so that change can effortlessly happen. This kind of change is not particularly Instagram-worthy, it is subtle and sure and steady, weaving itself into the small kindnesses we gift ourselves.

If you’re pondering what sort of question you might ask, we can talk it over for free over a cup of tea together or if you fancy it, you could share your current challenge in the comments.


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