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What’s your current menopause challenge?

Taking a look at some of the common challenges that Medicine Circles address. One of the key aspects of receiving a Medicine Circle is creating an intention at the beginning of the process. Making your intention as clear as possible helps to focus the material and makes it easier to integrate it into our daily self-care. It takes a little while sometimes to really get to the nub of what needs answering, but there’s no rule. Sometimes they can be intensely practical – “How do I manage these night sweats?” Through the full spectrum of feeling stuck, physical pain, glum… all the way to spiritual guidance. Here are some of the most ...

What Are Menstrual Medicine Circles And How Do They Help With Menopause?

Menstrual Medicine Circles for Menopause Menstrual Medicine Circles are a relatively new process so this will explain What they are Who they're for What the benefits are And why they're so damn empowering! Tessa Sanderson a fellow Menstrual Medicine Circle facilitator asks me all about it. You can learn more about Menstrual Medicine Circles or read how the circles have made a difference to these women's lives.