Packing Heat

Packing HeatHave you ever had an idea so marvelous, you thought it would revolutionise your work life?


Last month I thought I was going to have to take out a patent. “Call Professor Pat Pending!”


Until it turned out I’d re-invented a particularly soothing and wonderful wheel.


It was the result of two wonderful experiences. A treatment involving paraffin wax at the wonderful Thermae Spa in Bath (where I also got to watch the sun go down from a ravishingly azure sky) and a tip from Liz Koch at her psoas workshop about how to sooth particularly sensitive nervous systems.

Thermae Spa

Highly Sensitive People

I have always worked with people who are highly sensitive to touch, sometimes because of ravaged nervous systems and sometimes because of traumatic life events.


Touch, with its echoes of past longing and separation, while it is relaxing for most people, can also invoke conflicts from childhood and even pre-verbal times.


Much of my working life has been an investigation in how to calm highly sensitive people. Even in a 75-minute session, I would estimate that half of that is arriving and calming down so that the restorative healing can take place in the body.


So how could I speed up the process?


Learning from my experiences in Bath and with Liz Koch, Heat + weight seemed like a good idea.

clients relaxed more deeply and safely and were left feeling centred without feeling vulnerable or triggered by the massage

Making Heat Bags

In a blur of activity one Saturday I bought fabric, dusted off the sewing machine and made some bags with washable covers. Lentils seemed a good filling (nice and grounding). Three minutes on the radiator proved to be enough to provide a soft, penetrating heat. Ahhhhh. Bliss.


After practicing a lot on myself I introduced them to my clients. Except for pregnant clients of course, who have their own little heat sources.


How Heat Makes for Happy Clients

Here’s what happened since I’ve been using them –


They instantly reduced anxiety by bringing attention into the present

Postnatal sacrums were warmed and nourished

Shoulders eased up tension and softened

Cold feet were warmed, especially the ‘bubbling spring’ point; bladder 1

Kidneys were nourished while recovering from a urine infection

Heat on the lower body gently released overwhelming feelings

It brought ease and openness where there was pain

The heart meridian softened all the way to the palms of the hands

Shoulders were lifted when lying on the belly, to uncurl the upper spine

Congested colons were soothed

Placed on heart and womb, they strengthened the magical heart womb river

Pre-menstrual niggles were calmed

Tension in the neck eased and headache pain reduced

Period issues eased with one at the neck and one at the sacrum

Clients came more quickly to a place of safe, restorative relaxation

Lower back pain eased when placed on the sacrum

Tissues were warmed and assisted in resolving pelvic imbalances


My observation was that every time I used them, myclients relaxed more deeply and safely and were left feeling centred without being vulnerable or triggered by the massage. Like a softer hot stone massage, the heat creates a safe space in which to come into relationship.


Introducing my brilliant new invention, clients said

Oh, they’re wheat bags!” What? This amazing treatment already existed? But Ms. Wheat Bag hadn’t followed my particular path to discovery, or intended them for the same purpose. Yes, I could buy some wheat bags from Amazon. No, with my head held high, I’m going to get out my sewing machine and make some more. Three is not enough!


Keep warm this autumn, book your appointment to pack some heat.





2 Replies to "Packing Heat"

  • Lucy Blunden
    January 14, 2017 (9:59 am)

    You could also try cherry stones as a filling.
    My wheat bags started to smell burned after too many overheats in the microwave so I refilled with new wheat I’d dripped lavender oil onto. ????

    • katecodrington
      January 16, 2017 (9:01 pm)

      Great idea Lucy, I’m now enjoying the thought of all the cherries I can eat!

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