Womb Yoga

Womb Yoga yoni mudraWomb Yoga is a nourishing combination of movement, gentle stretches and breath work that supports your well being whatever your time of the month or time of life. Womb or no womb, we all need to connect with our bodies and allow our internal nature to express itself.

Women use this womanly movement to help to

  • Develop kindness towards themselves
  • Allow their natural wisdom to emerge
  • Recover after having a baby
  • Align their pelvises for optimum reproductive well being
  • Calm jangles nervous systems
  • Learn skills for managing menstrual issues
  • Manage menopausal issues
  • Strengthen the heart-womb connection

Because Womb Yoga stems from your body’s natural intelligence it is very safe and pleasurable and suitable for

  • When wanting to have a baby
  • Women with period problems
  • After having a baby
  • Peri-menopause and menopause
  • At all times of the month

What is Womb Yoga?

Womb Yoga was created by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli as part of a therapeutic approach to supporting women’s health. You can learn more about what it looks like by watching her excellent videos or checking out her website. It’s an excellent tool for well being, improving the flow of energy and the circulation in the abdomen in a deeply feminine way.


Womb Yoga is an excellent add-on to massage and a 1 hour session costs £46. If are not already a client, please fill in the Confidential client questionnaire so your session can be especially designed for your particular issues. You can also experience this womanly movement as part of the Love Your Belly workshops.



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