The 5 Stages of Menopause – and how to find them in the brain fog

The first chamber of menopause is The Void


The Void can be the trickiest phase, so uber self-kindness is the way forward.




The second chamber of menopause is Surrender

Time to fill your self-love tanks and Surrender.




The third chamber of menopause is Renewal



Tread softly in Renewal, for you tread on my dreams.




The fourth chamber of menopause is Vision



Stay slow and keep your energy close to you in Vision.




The fifth chamber of menopause is Clarity and Direction

clarity and direction


Halleluja! You have made it to Clarity and Direction; you are now a Super Crone!



These five chambers are also present in menstruation so if you are still menstruating, it can be really helpful to get a sense of them there before you get into the menopause process. If you’d prefer a written description of the five chambers you can find that here. These ideas come from the work of my teacher Alexandra Pope, co-founder of Red School.

If you would like to explore where you are in the chambers of menopause, we can waft away the fog with a Menstrual Medicine Circle.


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