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Separation the first phase of menopause

Separation is the psychological phase also known as perimenopause, a much ignored and very challenging time. Find out why you are not going mad but in fact becoming sane, despite the rage, the grief and the flushes; you're going to be OK. You can read about the three phases in more detail here or find more self-help for Separation here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-SvV2-_ZSY&t=1s

Menopause is a psychological process

You'll have heard about hot flushes, but menopause is also a psychological process. Discover the three psychological phases Separation (aka perimenopause), Surrender and Emergence and the joy of Second Spring of post-menopause. You can find more detail about the different phases and how to ease yourself through them gently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UhWoWYoLoQ&t=22s

The 5 Stages of Menopause – and how to find them in the brain fog

The first chamber of menopause is The Void   The Void can be the trickiest phase, so uber self-kindness is the way forward.       The second chamber of menopause is Surrender Time to fill your self-love tanks and Surrender.       The third chamber of menopause is Renewal   Tread softly in Renewal, for you tread on my dreams.       The fourth chamber of menopause is Vision   Stay slow and keep your energy close to you in Vision.       The fifth chamber of menopause is Clarity and Direction   Halleluja! You have made ...