Top Tips For After The Birth

4562105551How long can you claim to be postnatal? While celebrities appear to ping back to their pre-pregnancy bodies and schedules in a few weeks, in the real world it takes a little longer. You could argue it takes the rest of your life; the change that having a child brings is  so monumental  you are never the same person again.

In the months after the birth, women can be in an emotionally depleted, hormonal whirlwind with all the attention focused on the little one. Consequently the mother’s needs are often overlooked , the process of coming back into yourself is rushed or ignored. Without a bump to flag your special condition, it seems the care and consideration is no longer seen to be necessary.

Some other cultures have a different attitude to the time after giving birth; pampering and looking after women with special foods and massage so they can take the time to recover while bonding with their baby.

I encourage my clients to be more selfish after the birth, to ask for what they need and take time for themselves; there is enough self-sacrifice attached to mothering already. Working with massage during this period is especially valuable, I always offer my clients a discounted massage session postnatally because the benefits are so wide ranging. The massage often has benefit to

•    achy shoulders from feeding,
•    sore muscles from the birth,
•    digestive problems like constipation
•    emotional and hormonal upheaval

Birth opens us up energetically too, for example are hearts are often blasted open and we can be unbearably touched by news stories or far away dramas. It takes a long time before we feel separate from the new-born and this openness is a natural part of motherhood. Energetic massage techniques are fantastic for starting to gather back the emotional boundaries after the birth, so we can get back the flexibility to be open when we want to be or protected when we don’t and calming down the whole energy system.

Whatever kind of birth you have it takes time and care to come back to yourself and massage, along with rest, being kind to yourself and good food can help nourish new mums so they can be with their babies and truly enjoy them.

Here are my three top tips….

Be selfish!
Ask for help
Be kind to yourself (and get that massage!)

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