A Visualisation to Bond with your Baby

9781904760689The first trimester can often be a vulnerable period as your body undergoes the incredibly profound changes; excitement and anxieties are high, you will probably be tired, emotional and nauseous long before your belly shows. On the inside you are doing amazing work – your baby grows from a single cell to a recognisably human creature measuring 5cm long.

It can be hard to find positive support at this time and much of the advice in the media is confusing and contradictory. Here is a wonderfully nourishing, safe exercise you can do at home to help steady yourself, connect with your baby and release stress.
You can do it alone or with your partner or friend, just have them softly place their hands on your heart and uterus and follow the instructions below. Make sure you are both sitting comfortably and that the touch feels good.

Note – up to about the twelfth week of your pregnancy, your uterus will be sitting within your pelvis, so place your lower hand on your lower abdomen, midway between your hipbones.

1.Sit or lie down comfortably.
2.Place one hand softly on your heart, the other on your uterus.
3.Drop your shoulders, relax your arms and hands.
4.Notice your breath as you inhale and exhale until your mind settles.
5.Connect with your baby, imagine your baby floating in her watery world.
6.Connect with your heart, feel it’s beat and strength.
7.Imagine a golden cord that runs from your heart to your uterus, nourishing and protecting your baby. Breath into the cord.
8.Keeping one hand on your uterus, move your other hand down a little and keep it there for a few breath cycles. Move your upper hand down a little at a time until your hands are on top of each other.
9.Enjoy spending some time with your baby.
10.Bring your attention back to the way you are breathing and ease yourself out of your relaxation.

You should emerge feeling calm and ready to face the world! If you enjoy it, you can use it throughout your pregnancy and in labour too.


This visualisation comes from my teacher, Suzanne Yates‘ wonderful book ‘Beautiful Birth’

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