Prepare for Birth

As your due date gets closer, with work and family all making demands, it can seem as though there’s not enough time or energy for yourself and your little one. Spending time connecting with you baby is a wonderful way to prepare for birth and also helps to calm you down when everything seems too much.

Where ever you are in your pregnancy, here’s an easy exercise you can do anywhere which can reduce stress and help you connect with your baby. Ideally, make some time every day to relax and focus on your baby, but when this is too much, you can do use the following exercise in the car, waiting in a queue or while the kettle boils.

1.Place your hands on you lower belly.
2.Notice how you are breathing, no need to change it, just observe.
3.After a few breaths make your out-breath a little longer.
4.As you breathe in feel how your abdomen expands and gives your baby space.
5.As you exhale feel how your abdomen hugs your baby.
6.Continue for as long as it feels good.
7.Spend as much time as you can enjoying being with your baby.
8.Notice how you are breathing again.
9.Ease out of your relaxation.

This easy exercise can help in different ways, for example it makes sure you and your baby get a good supply of oxygen, it helps you to relax and helps you to connect with your body as well as your baby. If you enjoy doing it you can use it during labour when it is es- pecially effective; focussing on the baby rather than the discomfort makes the whole proc- ess a more positive experience. It’s a little three minute miracle!
This exercise was taught to me by Suzanne Yates and appears in her lovely book Beautiful Birth.

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