What Mothers Do

How Mothers LoveNaomi Stadlen does not write books about how to ‘manage’ your child. God knows the world is full of those opinions already, instead she celebrates mothering and being in the most non-judgmental way imaginable, taking a close look at what Mothers do.

Her first book ‘What Mothers Do – Especially When It Looks Like Nothing’ was published around the time of my son’s birth and was an enormously reassuring read. Far from encouraging women to be experts with a plan to implement, she argues that uncertainty is exactly the right state of mind for new mothers to be in to be open to building a relationship with their baby.

She has just published a new book ‘How Mothers Love and How Relationships Are Born’. It’s a book about love and intimacy full of quiet wisdom which is said to be as non-perscriptive and gentle as the first.

I’ll be ordering my copy today then.

A psychotherapist, Naomi Stadlen runs the Mothers Talking groups at the Active Birth Centre, weekly meetings where women can share their expriences and ease the isolation that can come with motherhood.


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