The Pants of Empowerment

What if there was a magical garment we could pull on which healed our wounds, which helped us to accept ourselves as the beautiful, powerful beings we are… behold, the

Pants of Empowerment

This project offers space for women’s stories about their deepest femininity and sexuality to be heard; their wombs, ovaries, clitorises (clitori?), vaginas, vulvas and the stories of trauma and joy they have to tell.

There is nothing as powerful as women coming together to share their stories of loss and triumph.

In response to the stories, I make pants of power, fantastical garments made with love and playfulness to help repair the wounds.


Women’s empowerment is deeply connected to our sexuality and at a time when #metoo and #everydaysexism is rising in the public consciousness, it’s incredible to think that 1 in 5 women have still some form of experienced sexual violence since the age of 16.

Birth trauma too, often ignored and unrecognised as an invisible wound in our society, making many women feel that their body is an enemy to be controlled by others.

Too often our bodies are controlled by external forces, medicated into submission, made to conform to a certain look, made to feel shame.

The pants of empowerment encourage the inner life of our creativity and femininity to be expressed and accepted.

My hope that is by spreading the message of empowerment and self-acceptance, maybe our daughters will be able to truly love their bodies and feel the strength of the feminine rising in them.

The garments are made with vintage and recycled materials where possible for the planet’s sake, but also to represent the renewal and re-birth that healing the feminine represents.

This project has been niggling away at me for ages and though I’ve often got frustrated and abandoned her, she keeps coming back and reasserting herself. After seeing a production of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues I found I had no choice, the project insisted that I got creative and birth her. Thank the Goddess for that!

All the women who share their stories have had their names changed here to protect their identity.

The Pants of Empowerment would not be possible without brilliant lingerie sewing patterns from Ohhh Lulu.


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Grow a Pair


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Lady Garden

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