Susie – an ocean of petals

This is part of the Pants of Empowerment project, where women share the voice of their feminine nature and in return, a fantastic pair of pants to empower them. All names have been changed.

What would your clitoris say, if she had a voice?

“I’m feeling a little neglected, rather like a gorgeous pair of dancing shoes left out in the rain. My leather isn’t so shiny anymore, the dye has run and I’ve lost my shape. You haven’t been looking after me! And when you remember me you just complain that I don’t work so well anymore. It’s a bit rich.

I need your love!

I need your attention and care!

Make me beautiful again!”


What gifts would your clitoris like?

“I’d like flowers delivered every day. A van-load of tulips, parrot tulips in crazy stripes on Monday, a lorry of lilies on Tuesday sparkling with dew. I’d arrange them around me and there I’d be, resplendent in glory and reclining on an ocean of petals.”


What do you think of your pants of power?

“I was a bit surprised at how frilly and girly they are, which is not my style at all, but when I wear them I feel ridiculously feminine and playful, it’s wonderful to be able to express a different aspect of myself. It’s amazing to have a Swarovski crystal clitoris and yes, she feels very beautiful!”


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