Juicy ‘n’ Free

Not hiding her light under a bushel

Juicy ‘n’ Free in her pants

This is part of the Pants of Empowerment project, where women share the voice of their feminine nature and in return, receive a fantastic pair of pants to empower them. All names have been changed.

These pants are born out of an unusual situation because the audio from the meditation was distorted and it wasn’t possible to make a transcript as with the other pants, so instead, here’s a feeling for the themes that emerged and why I made the pants like this.


Juicy ‘n’ Free had recently emerged from a difficult marriage and through various business and creative projects was coming out to let her light shine more brightly in the world. She was owning her path and her truth loud and clear.

These pants are about how big we can allow ourselves to be. It’s hard for us to take up space as leaders, especially when we are leading from the Divine Feminine as Juicy ‘n’ Free is. This is not just peeking over the parapet, this is standing proudly on top of the parapet and dancing her arse off!

Jane Garvey, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour presenter has interviewed women who have achieved success in many areas of life. More than once on ‘Fortunately with Fi and Jane‘ which I was listening to as I stitched, she says that in the green room before the interview, though right at the top of their game, these fabulously successful women still find it hard to own their achievements. It’s not just me and you and Juicy ‘n’ Free, it’s all of us.

How much energy, time and money do we use up making ourselves smaller? Keeping our bodies small, keeping small around our friends so we avoid jealousy, around men so they’re not intimidated by us… but none of this does anyone any favours. Keeping yourself small keeps us all small!

If you can do one kindness for yourself today, take up more space. Own it lady!

I made these in two pieces, some no-nonsense pants that she can wear any day and a belt to go over the top. The belt has two bunches of handsewn red roses, which featured heavily in the meditation and can be worn two ways. Either which a bouquet on each side of her hips so she can literally be bigger and take up more space side-to-side. The alternative is to wear the roses front and back which give the effect of a fabulous Frida Khalo-style merkin over her vulva and a cute bouquet on her bum. Just. Too. Cute. whichever way it goes.


Either way, there is no hiding her light under a bushel.


As usual, the fabric is all upcycled from charity shops and they are a unique design made in response to the meditation. If you’d like to have your own pair of Empowering Pants to celebrate a divorce, new business or just because it’s Tuesday, I’d love to make some to celebrate YOU


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