How to Ease an Aching Back in Pregnancy

I am not really as one size fits all kind of therapist, but there is one thing I recommend to nearly every pregnant client who comes for massage and that’s all fours exercises.

Spending time on your hands and knees gives your spine a rest and it’s great for relieving an aching back in pregnancy as it gives a gentle massage to your spine.

It’s also a great way of getting your baby into a good position for birth; so many of us spend our working lives sitting down and a sedentary life has an effect on how our babies lie in our bodies. The best position for birth is to have your baby’s spine against your belly, so it makes sense to encourage your baby to lie this way from an early stage.

 Don’t do this

If you have a neck, knee or wrist injury.


What to do

  1. Put a duvet or blanket down on the floor to cushion your knees, use as much thickness as you need to feel comfy.
  2. Kneel on all fours with your hands directly below your shoulders and knees beneath hips.
  3. On your hands and knees, start to become aware of your breathing and lengthen your exhalation slightly. This will help you to slow your breath.
  4. Make sure that your back is flat, there’s a tendency to hollow the lower back during pregnancy and this can cause aches and pains. You can ask a helpful partner to check or look in a mirror.
  5. Start to circle your hips slowly, with your breath, first one way and then the other. Rock and stretch and use any movement that feels good.
  6. You might like to try a cat arch; from a neutral flat back position, arch your back like a cat as you exhale. Push into your hands and let your head and neck slowly drop down. As you start to inhale, gently return to a flat back position.

Take it easy

If you find that your wrists or hands are uncomfortable you can try resting your chest on a well-padded stool or birthing ball. Just make sure that you don’t create any tension in your neck or shoulders.

Stretch out

If you find that your legs get tired, stretch them out one at a time extending into your heel.

When to do it.

Try this position as often as you can; watching telly, when you get up in the morning, or anytime that fits into your day.

If you find you like doing this exercise, you can do it as often as feels good, while you’re watching the telly. it’s great during labour too.

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