Tense shoulders? Twist!

twistNearly everyone is familiar with the sensation of  a tight neck and tense shoulders,  especially now most of us spend so much time at a keyboard. It is one of the most common problems that clients bring when they come for a massage.

Over the years I have become an expert at releasing that tension and massage is a brilliant tool smoothing out the lumps and bumps. Clients report feeling a load has been lifted from their shoulders but what happens when they get back into work with those everyday stresses?

The trick is to take regular breaks to breathe and feel your body, notice the tension and release it through the day. Deep twists are contraindicated for pregnancy, however this is my best ever neck and shoulder exercise for non-pregnant bodies, taught to me by Ann Raphael in her yoga class. It’s a classic yoga twist but the trick is to unwind SLOWLY and your neck will  magically release.

1. Sit with a straight back and take a few deep breaths
2. Drop your shoulders
3. Twist from the waist to look over your right shoulder
4. As you inhale, lengthen up your spine
5. As you exhale twist as little more
6. Turn you head and shoulders back to centre very, very slowly
7. Repeat other side.

Thanks Ann!
Ann Raphael teaches Ante-natal yoga and Hatha yoga in Bushey. You can contact her on 07747 690577 or email annraphael@hotmail.com

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