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How to End the Fight With Your Belly

Have you ever listened to the way you talk about your belly? When you catch a glimpse I bet it’s not often kind.   In any group of friends you’ll hear apologies for being: “Too fat” “Too wobbly” “Too greedy” The sort of language you would never use to your best friend and yet we routinely treat our bellies as the enemy. The battlefield encompasses food, our clothes and ultimately blasts our self-esteem too. But what would happen if you ended the fight?   Mindfulness is a great tool for changing this kind of self-talk. Just noticing the judgments that arise is a powerful first step in making friends with ...

Kindness – Do You Know You’re Worth It?

I'm delighted that WellDoing.Org have published my article on Kindness. It is so hard for women, particularly mothers, to be kind to themselves. Click through to the article to find out the solutions that have worked for me.

Mindful Massage

I am delighted that Massage World magazine has published my article 'Mindful Massage' in their spring edition. It's an exploration of how 'being' more and 'doing' less can create a more powerful massage treatment for the client, and greater ease for the therapist. If you're more interested in learning how Biodynamic cycles can inform your practice , it was published in Massage Magazine July 2014. You can read the article below.