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What Are Menstrual Medicine Circles And How Do They Help With Menopause?

Menstrual Medicine Circles for Menopause Menstrual Medicine Circles are a relatively new process so this will explain What they are Who they're for What the benefits are And why they're so damn empowering! Tessa Sanderson a fellow Menstrual Medicine Circle facilitator asks me all about it. You can learn more about Menstrual Medicine Circles or read how the circles have made a difference to these women's lives.

Susie – an ocean of petals

This is part of the Pants of Empowerment project, where women share the voice of their feminine nature and in return, a fantastic pair of pants to empower them. All names have been changed. What would your clitoris say, if she had a voice? "I'm feeling a little neglected, rather like a gorgeous pair of dancing shoes left out in the rain. My leather isn't so shiny anymore, the dye has run and I've lost my shape. You haven't been looking after me! And when you remember me you just complain that I don't work so well anymore. It's a bit rich. I need your love! I need your attention and care! Make me beautiful again!" What gifts would ...