Kate in The Sun?!

I never imagined I would feature in The Sun newspaper, but the tabloids seem to have liked the story about my no longer massaging men. The story featured on the Mail Online, The Daily Star Online, The Metro and The Sun last week. Despite the appalling headline ‘Unhappy Endings’, the story was reported accurately as the harassment that some massage therapists have to  endure. Here’s all the news that was fit to print; you can click on the images to see the full stories.


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  • David Shryane
    May 12, 2014 (3:51 pm)

    It’s sad that it’s come down to that and you aren’t alone from what I’ve heard. Why should a therapist’s website have to make a disclaimer about sexual services? Crazy and, unfortunately, damaging to genuine male clients. Being male and a therapist I’ve only experienced these types of requests rarely, but I can imagine them being much worse for female therapists.

    I hope attitudes change for the good!

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