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7 Way to Make Your Menopause Work for You

Fear around the changes of the menopause can make physical and emotional manifestations harder to deal with, creating stress and isolation in what can be a time for growth. I was delighted that WellDoing published this article to show how to work with menopause instead of against it. You can read the full article here (Top marks to the editors for finding that rare thing, an image of a mid-life woman you might actually want to be friends with, they are very hard to find!)

Biodynamic Therapy in Menopause

One of the best gifts I gave myself during my sabbatical was to have Biodynamic Therapy in Menopause. As a process of healing and self-actualisation, menopause worked her magic on me in the Biodynamic sessions giving me access to my own bliss. I shared more of my therapy adventures with WellDoing and you can read it here. I integrate Biodynamic therapy into Intuitive Bodywork sessions and you can find out about that here.

A Happier, Healthier You!

If you are interested in being happier and healthier, and are looking for practical solutions check out the WellDoing guide to your mind and body. I contributed a chapter on how to love your belly, but you can also find out how to... ...start the day ...stop feeling stuck ...have a healthier relationship with technology ...improve your mood with food ...use exercise for wellbeing ...find a job you love ...be a better listener ...build inner strength ...forgive ...banish negative self-talk ...self-soothe ...cope with social anxiety ...manage loneliness ...become more intuitive ...help each other out ...end the day ...overcome insomni...

A-Z of Massage – I is for Indian Head Massage

Looking for a flexible treatment that fits into your lunch break? Indian head massage makes a great treatment for anyone who spends their working life in front of a computer because it addresses the problems caused by our sedentary working habits. Read on to find out more. This article was posted on WellDoing as part of my A-Z of massage series.

A-Z of Massage – D is for Deep Tissue and Trigger Point

In the A-Z this week is the treatment that will sort you out when you are really stiff. This massage gets down to the deep levels of muscular tension and releases them. Read on to find out if deep tissue and trigger point is the right treatment for you.

A-Z of Massage – Bowen Technique

In this week's A-Z I have chosen a treatment that isn't widely known. Bowen technique is not really a massage treatment as such, but it is included here because it is a gentle and relaxing way of working with issues that most massage can’t touch, such as frozen shoulders. So if you are looking for gentle adjustments for a chronic problem, Bowen is a great option. You can read the full article below.

A-Z of Massage – B is for Biodynamic

This week's post on WellDoing explains all about Biodynamic massage, what an amazing treatment! OK, so I'm biased but in case I haven't explained the benefits before, you can catch up below.

A-Z of Massage – B is for Bamboo Massage

A fairly new treatment in the UK, massage with heated bamboo is starting to rival hot stone as a massage which gets deep into your muscle tension. You can check out if bamboo massage is right for you by going to WellDoing.org here. Or you can read the article below.

A-Z of Massage – Abdominal

Here's the first in my new A-Z of Massage series over at welldoing.org. No surprise that A is for Abdominal : ) You can download it  it here  

Why we Love Massage

Here's my latest article for welldoing.org on why we love massage, you can find out about how the Egyptians massaged each other and the facts about  research into massage benefits. Check it out here.