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Pants to February

February is pants is it not? So why not do it differently and make this February a joyous cavalcade of empowering pants! After a long gestation the Pants of Empowerment are now live! To celebrate I’m offering the chance for you to bring some true-self-love into your life by winning your own pair of empowering pants worth £327. Enter the giveaway here The Pants of Empowerment are one-third healing, one third wearable artwork and one-third body positive activism. They celebrate the cyclical creativity and complexity of being a woman; here’s how it works: The healing You have a guided exploration into your pelvic ...

Free Menopause Help

It's a tricky business finding help when you're feeling vulnerable, especially in menopause so if you're wondering about what you can do, or having a Medicine Circle, you can book a chat with me at no charge and get yourself some free space to talk stuff through and ask questions. There's space to share what's happening, to be witnessed and heard and I can feedback and offer suggestions if you'd like that. Half an hour for you to explore what you need in your life right now. Schedule Appointment

Learn how to massage your belly

This video will show how to massage your belly to enhance your hormonal and digestive health. Before you get started, bookmark or save the URL for this page so you can find it again. The best time to do your massage is in the evenings just before you go to sleep, take a few minutes to get yourself comfy and prop your knees up with pillows so your belly can be soft. The routine takes 5 minutes or so and will leave you relaxed and ready for a beautiful night's sleep. The gentle massage is safe except for a few exceptions, do not massage your belly - a few days before, during or immediately after your period. If you have an IUD or ...