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Adventures in Womb Wisdom

Followed by dentists and dead birds Even if you have only read one of my blogs before, I bet that it will have been either about rest or body awareness   These subjects come back again and again and as we teach the things we most need to learn, this is my growing edge too, especially the resting part.   My quest for rest is what took me to the Cotswolds last weekend for a ‘Womb Wisdom’ retreat with Uma Dinsmore –Tuli and Alexandra Pope.   This wasn’t the lying-around-on-the-sofa kind of rest. This was more like deep soul rest; in the company of like-minded women, we could drop the effort of everyday life ...

Gerda Boyesen Article in Massage World

I have always been very lucky with my teachers and it was an enormous privilege to have been taught Biodynamic massage and psychotherapy by Gerda Boyesen at the Boyesen Institute in Acton.  It is tough for visionary women to achieve their goals, whatever field they work in and the world of psychotherapy is no different. She pioneered mind - body and energy work in the 1960's and 70's and yet comparatively few people know about her influence now, so it was a great project for me to write about Gerda  for Massage World Magazine. You can read the article as a download by pressing the button below.  

Biodynamic Cycles for Therapists

I am delighted that Massage World have published another of my articles. this one is about the Biodynamic theory of the vasomotoric cycle and how therapists can use it to understand more about what might prevent a client from relaxing. You can download a copy here  or read it below. If you are curious about how mindfulness can deepen your practice read this  which was published in Massage Magazine April 2014