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Why I’m not a massage therapist

You’ll have noticed that the word ‘massage’ is no longer visible on my site or online. People, I am no longer a massage therapist. Don’t freak out, I’m not re-training as an accountant, it’s more that what I actually do no longer fits the description ‘massage’.   Massage implies someone doing detached stroking, making everything better, easing away reality. It’s a nice lady, (usually, but not always a lady) sorting you out.   I am not a nice lady I think perhaps I always wanted to be that nice lady, but I am not. For years I felt that massage would make my offering acceptable somehow and I built my practice under ...

3 ways to ease shoulder pain

I must have massaged thousands of tight shoulders over the years, a classic sign of tension, the muscles get tight and can cause headaches and other kinds of misery too. In between your massage appointments, a little self-care will really help to ease shoulder pain. This video shows you simple things that you can do at home to create more ease and softness.   If you are interested in more easy exercises to bring more joy in your life, I have that covered too!